SMEGo Portal Login |

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SMEGo Portal Login |

SMEGo is an online portal act as the one-stop point where a business and people in South Africa can apply for different types of funding. In SMEGo Portal a user is required to fill Only one online application form which is then applied to various types of funding available from several different funders in South Africa.

The process is fast, flexible and they can track and check their progress online and also get access to support and mentorship.

SMEGo Portal Login www.smego .co .za

What are the benefits Of SMEGo Portal ?

Here are some benefits of SMEgo both for SMMEs as well as funders.

  • SMEgo is a time-saver for business owners. By working with funders, the accuracy and completeness of the application process are improved. All applications must meet the data requirements.
  • All applicable funds can be applied once – SMMEs have the option to use a centralised platform which stores all business information. This allows owners to immediately apply for different funds.
  • Help SMMEs to find the right funding opportunities.
  • It gives continuous feedback to funds regarding a SMMEs request status.

Funders :

  • Reduce administrative time, costs, and resources wasted on incomplete or incorrect submissions.
  • SMMEs will be eligible to apply for funding opportunities that are relevant. This will improve the quality of applicants and allow funders to access new sources of leads or deal flow.
  • Funders can now have access to eligible SMMEs that they might not have previously had.
  • Funders can sort and manage application applications using the SMEgo platform. This allows them to search for SMMEs and filter out their status.

SMEGo Portal Login |

How to Login To SMEGo Portal

If you are wondering how you can login to SMEGo Portal and start applying for different fund opportunities then you have come to the right place. Follow  the steps below to login into SMEGo Online Portal now

  1. Open any web browser of your choice and open to access SMEGo Online Portal website
  2. Alternatively Click Here >> Take Me To SMEGo Online Portal Now << To access the portal directlly
  3. Once the link open you will be on SMEGo official website. On top right you will find “LOGIN” button click on it
  4. There after you will be redirected to SMEGo Login page as shown below. To login you must enter your account email and password
SMEGo Portal Login |

SMEGo Online Portal

If you don’t have an account yet you must create one so as to get the login email and passw2ord

Create an account by click on “Register Here” button as shown about and proceed by complete the registration form with the required information.

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