Pass Rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo

by Triple Michael

Pass Rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo: Is a The proportion of candidates In Limpopo who succeed in passing an matric examination or other assessment. Pass rates can be used as a quality assurance indicator or performance indicator by an educational institution when evaluating the quality of teaching and learning or some other aspects of their provision. Here we’ll keep you updated with Limpopo matric 2021 pass rate once we have the accurate date.

Pass Rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo

Currently the pass rate for the Limpopo Provience is yet to be announced, we kindly ask you to check this page letter as we’ll keep it updated once the rates are out. Meanwhile you can check Limpopo Matric Results Over the Last 5 Years

Pass Rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo

Pass Rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo

Pass rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo

The pass rate in 2020 for Limpopo is 68%. That’s down from the 73% they scored last year which was their highest score in over 10 years.

2010: 58% 2016: 63%
2011: 64% 2017: 67%
2012: 67% 2018: 71%
2013: 72% 2019: 73%
2014: 73% 2020: 68%
2015: 66%

The Pass Rate For Matric 2021 In Limpopo And Other provincial level are as follows:

  • Limpopo: 66.7%
  • Free State: 85.7%
  • Gauteng: 82.8%
  • Western Cape: 81.2%
  • North West: 78.2%
  • KZN: 76.8%
  • Mpumalanga: 73.6%
  • Eastern Cape: 73%
  • Northern Cape: 71.4%

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