Top Schools Matric Results 2021

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South Africa Top Schools Matric Results 2021

Top Schools Matric Results 2021: After the release of the most recent round of matric results, the curtain is now officially closes on the 2021 academic school year. After the 0.2% increase in the national pass rate, matriculants should be congratulated for their hard working despite the ongoing pandemic challenges. Here we have brought you list of the schools that pave the good way for this good matric 2021 performance. These 10 schools rated the best performers based on their ability to produce distinctions per learner, according to the matric results 2021.

Matric Results 2021: What Are The Top Schools In South Africa?

South Africa Top Schools Matric Results 2021

Top Schools Matric Results 2021

The measure of “Awards per learner” also serves to recognize outstanding collective achievement. The top spot with more than 3.75 distinctions per student is Eden College in Durban. With 3.73 distinctions per learner, Inkamana School in KZN follows close behind.

Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool completes the top thr, while the Gauteng institution has a whopping 3.4 D/PL. The top five include Al-Falaag College, KZN, as well as Tshwane Muslim School, Gauteng.

  1. Eden College Durban, KZN: 3.757 distinctions per learner
  2. Inkamana School, KZN: 3.733 distinctions per learner
  3. Afrikaanse Hoer Meisieskool, Gauteng: 3.414 distinctions per learner
  4. Al-Falaah College, KZN: 3.125 distinctions per learner
  5. Tshwane Muslim School, Gauteng: 3.091 distinctions per learner
  6. Westville Girls High, KZN: 2.899 distinctions per learner.
  7. Star College, KZN: 2.893 distinctions per learner
  8. Hoerskool Menlopark, Gauteng: 2.884 distinctions per learner
  9. SAMA High School, Gauteng: 2.860 distinctions per learner
  10. C&N Meisieskool Oranje, Free State: 2.829 distinctions per learner

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