Matric Supplementary Exams 2022 Timetable

Matric Supplementary Exams 2022 Timetable

If you’re a graduate of 2021 Matric class and looking to be accepted into a Higher education institution or seeking acceptance into a higher education institution or hoping to land that childhood dream job, passing the matriculation exam and receiving your certificate is one of the essentials.

However, due to various reasons, Matric exams may be too difficult for you and as a result, you may not meet the minimum requirements to pass Class 12 and step into your planned future. But not all is lost. You will be eligible for a supplemental exam (now called the second national exam) and this will provide you with a second chance to correct your mistakes and pass a failed subject.

Here you will find detailed information about Matric Supplementary Exams 2022 Timetable but if you are looking for more info about supplementary exam you should check our previous article titled >>Matric Supplementary Exams 2022 Registration where by we have covered everything about matric supplementary examination

Matric Supplementary Exams 2022 Timetable

If you currentlly interested on Find out when matric supplementary will be held and how the exam are gap between exams and more then the only thing that may answer all of these question is Matrix timetable for supplementary Exam. To check the matric supplementary exam timetable you need to follow the steps below

Visit the department of basic education website via>>

Then scroll down and look on the left you will find menu to different pages, There click on “Examination Timetables” as shown below

Matric Supplementary Exams 2022 Timetable
2022 Matric Supplementary Exams Timetable

When Will 2022 matric supplementary Exam Start

The supplementary examination in February/March has been phased out and is therefore no longer available. A new examination is available during May/June where candidates can improve their results or complete outstanding results. The closing date for application for 2022 is 15 February 2022.

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