Names Called For Interview At Mwanga District Council

Names Called For Interview At Mwanga District Council: Mwanga District, one of the six (6) districts that make up the Kilimanjaro Region, was founded on July 1, 1979, following Tanganyika’s independence. The other districts are Same, Rombo, Hai, Moshi, and Siha. Before the creation of the new districts of Hai and Siha, it was one of the original four (4) districts, along with Same, Moshi, and Rombo.

Prior to the creation of the new Jipe Ndea Division, the Mwanga District had four divisions: Mwanga, Ugweno, Usangi, and Lembeni. In addition to one seat, the district comprised 53 villages and 16 Wards. The District now consists of 1 Small Town Authority and 5 Divisions, namely Jipe Ndea, Mwanga, Lembeni, Usangi, and Ugweno. The District is made up of 19 Wards, including Mgagao, Lembeni, Kileo, Lang’ata, Kirya, Kivisini, Kwakoa, Toloha, Mwaniko, Kifula, Msangeni, Shighatini, Kighare, Chomvu, Ngujini, Kilomeni, Kigonigoni, Kirongwe, and Jipe. There are also 72 villages and 272 settlements

Names Called For Interview At Mwanga District Council
Names Called For Interview At Mwanga District Council

The District has a total area of 2641 square kilometers, of which the land area is 2,558.6 square kilometers and the water area is 82.4 square kilometers, of which 52 square kilometers is the water area of Nyumba ya Mungu and Km 26.4 square meters is the water area of Lake Jipe.

Names Called For Interview At Mwanga District Council

Due to the job vacancy announcement with Ref. L.10/7/A/40 dated May 23, 2022 Mkurugenz, Mwanga District Council Executive expects to conduct Interviews and arrange job centers for applicants who pass the Interview.

All shortlisted Candidates should consider the following IMPORTANT things-;

  • The interview will be held on 30/08/2022 starting at 1:30 AM. screening interview and date 31/08/2022 at 1:30 AM interview (for who will succeed)
  • Where the interview will be held at the TRC Mwanga Teacher Center
  • The verification of certificates will start at 1:30 AM before the screening test / interview time starts
  • Bring identification for identification. residence ID, voter. National ID, license etc
  • Arrive with original and valid Certificates from Form Four, Six and Diploma. depending on the applicant’s qualifications
  • Arrive with an original birth certificate; ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE).
  • Testimonials “Provisional Result” Statement of Results” Form IV and Form VI will not be accepted.
  • Each interviewee will pay for their own food. transportation and accommodation.
  • For applicants whose names did not appear in the hill advertisement, they should realize that their application was unsuccessful and do not hesitate to apply again once the job vacancies are announced.

For Complete list of Names Called For Interview At Mwanga District Council please click the link below to get the documents with the more details about this interview and list of all shortlisted candidates.

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