Makato Ya CRDB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2022

Makato Ya CRDB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2022

CRDB is an independent commercial bank in Tanzania. It was established in 1996 and listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) in June 2009. The bank is licensed by the Bank of Tanzania, the central bank of the country. It operates primarily in the Dar es salaam, Arusha, and Dodoma and has branches across all regions in Tanzania.

CRDB Bank offers a comprehensive range of Corporate, Retail, Business, Treasury, Premier, and wholesale microfinance services through a network of 260 branches, 551 ATMs, 18 Depository ATMs, 12 Mobile branches and 1184 Point of Sales (POS) terminals.

In this article, you will learn about CRDB Bank ATM Charges in Tanzania, where to find branches, ATM locations and other information you may be looking about CRDB. You can also read about its services, fees, card benefits, and other important details.

Where To Find CRDB Branches

CRDB Bank has branches all over Tanzania. You can find a branch near you by visiting the CRDB Bank branch locator. The CRDB Bank branch locator can help you locate all the branches of the bank.

You can also call CRDB Bank customer service hotline (+225 22 211 2652/ +255 211 2997) or visit the bank’s website ( >><<) for branch information.

CRDB ATM Locations

CRDB Bank has 551 ATMs in 39 regions across Tanzania. You can find the location of CRDB ATMs using CRDB Bank ATM locator. The ATM locator helps you locate all the CRDB ATMs in your area.

How Much Does CRDB Charge Per ATM Transaction

CRDB Bank maintains a very reasonable rate of charge per ATM withdrawal. You can withdraw cash up to Tsh. 400,000 per transaction. Below is chart showing CRDB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2022 ( Makato Ya CRDB ATM 2022)

Makato Ya CRDB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2022
CRDB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2022
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