SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal |

SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal |

SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal: South African Post Office (Sapo), has launched as an online service for motor vehicle license renewals. This can be accessed from any mobile device. The sapomvl, which stands for South African post office motor vehicle renewal, has been launched. This simplifies the process of renewing your car license. The entire renewal process including payment will be completed online. Accessing the license disc is the final step.

The customer can have the licence disc delivered at a reasonable delivery cost or collected at a post office counter. Register now to renew your car license at It’s free and once-off – after that, paying your car license is a breeze. (Not available in the Western Cape. If you are looking to Renew your car license online, then this article is right for you. Please read the entire article carefully to ensure you get all the details.

How to Renew car license Using SAPOMVL >>

NOTE: The South African Post Office can’t renew your Motor Vehicle licence if your car is registered in the following Provinces and/or selected districts in the following provinces:

  • Western Cape Province
  • Selected Districts in North West Province
  • Selected Districts in Mpumalanga

How To Do SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal?

SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal |
SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal |


  • Register on the SAPO Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal website >>
  • Login with your user details to continue with the application for your Licence Renewal
  • Complete the information as prompted by the system
  • Submit the required documentation

What Is The Cost To Renew Your Motor Vehicle Licence?

Renewal licence cost for your vehicle as per NaTIS (National Traffic Information System)

License fee is calculated according to the tare of the vehicle and varies per province

  • Penalty and arrears if any
  • Delivery fees

How Do I Pay For SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal ?

All transactions are encrypted using appropriate encryption technology. Payment must be of the full amount due and payable and no partial payments are accepted.

You can pay using Masterpass. Which is a digital wallet that simplifies the checkout process across your purchases online, in-app, and in-store with one secure account. No long checkout forms, forgotten passwords, or fumbling for a wallet. Just create your account and load any participating credit, cheque or debit card to get started.

You can use the Masterpass App on your smartphone or dial the USSD short code from your mobile phone and follow the prompts.

The Masterpass App can be found at:

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Windows Store
  • Huawei App Gallery
  1. Download any South African banks’ Masterpass app, even if you do not bank with that bank.
  2. Load your MasterCard, Maestro or Visa credit, debit and cheque cards into the app.

How do I pay SAPOMVL Motor Vehicle License Renewal with Masterpass?

  1. Select ‘Masterpass’ as a payment option during checkout.
  2. Scan the QR code displayed on the web using the scan functionality, or manually dial the USSD code displayed eg *120*395*3755433112# from your phone.
  3. Enter your PIN associated with the card selected and your payment will be processed.

Which Documents Should Be Submitted For Your Renewal Application With

If the vehicle is registered in your name

1. Renewal Notice (MVL2) or Completed and signed ALV form (Application for Motor Vehicle Licence) that you can download for this site

2. Acceptable Proof of Identity: In the case of a person, one of the following identification is required: Clear and certified copies of:

  • RSA ID Book / Smart Card
  • Valid RSA Driving License
  • Valid RSA Passport
  • Valid Temporary RSA Identity Document
  • TRNC (Traffic Register Number Certificate) issued to foreigners & non-profit

organizations: Must be accompanied by a valid passport, temporary permit or other document of identity issued by Home Affairs

3. Proof of address not older than three months old (Compulsory for KwaZulu- Natal Province). Acceptable proof of address:

  • Bank statement
  • Utility account
  • Clothing, furniture, cell phone statement
  • Medical aid statement
  • Recent signed lease agreement
  • Recent signed insurance policy agreement
  • Councillor letter for a person residing in an informal area

Not Acceptable proof of address

  • SARS documents
  • Lease agreements older than three months
  • Policy documents older than three months
  • Multichoice and Internet accounts
  • Any invoices
  • Any document received in the mail that is a once-off advert
  • Councillor letter for a person residing in a formal area or township

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