Jinsi Ya Kuongeza Salio N CARD

Jinsi Ya Kuongeza Salio N CARD

If you have been looking for how you can recharge your N CARD balance then you have come to the right place. Here we’ll show you how to recharge your N CARD  (Jinsi Ya Kuongeza Salio N CARD kwa M-pesa, Tigopesa na T-pesa) with easy to follow steps by steps guide. But before then we’ll provide you with important information about NIDC

The National Internet Data Center (NIDC), has launched a payment card which allows people to make payment for tickets and goods all over the country without carrying around bulky cash.

Dubbed N-Card, it gives one comfort to transact with ease anywhere without carrying cash or your debit card, or even your credit card.

The government’s goal is to show how technology can revolutionize the day-to-day activities of people’s lives, that is why we came up with this card, and plans are underway to integrate this system with other payment systems in the country.

N-Card is flexible, it can be used to make payments on all social services and anywhere, our cards have no limitations, unlike other available cards in the market

Where to Find N-Card..?

  • You can get your N-Card…
  • From an NIDC-approved agent
  • At Benjamin Mkapa Stadium
  • From all GSM stores

Jinsi Ya Kuongeza Salio N CARD Kwa TigoPesa

Kuongeza Salio N CARD Kwa M-PESA

Jinsi Ya Kuongeza Salio N CARD

Ongeza Salio N CARD Kwa T-PESA

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