Azam Tv Packages Tanzania

Azam Tv Packages Tanzania 2022

#Azam Tv Packages Tanzania 2022 Price 

Azam Tv is one of the best digital satellite service providers in various African countries. Since its inception in 2013 in Tanzania, Azam Tv packages has been a one-stop-point with a full range of sports, entertainment, movies, kids, documentaries, news in national and international genres and languages, etc. With a mission to provide affordable, high-quality television entertainment to families across sub-Saharan Africa.

Azam Tv has been among the very few digital satellites produces that provide their services at a high quality but very affordable prices. If you currently want to decide whether to buy azam tv or not then we made this post to help you with that. Here we’ll take you through azam tv new packages price and channel list.

Azam Tv Packages Tanzania 2022
Azam Tv Packages Tanzania

Currently, Azam Tv offers three packages namely AZAM PLAY, AZAM PLUS and AZAM PURE, AZAM LITE with AZAM SPORTS as additional packages for those who love to watch football matches. All Azam Tv packages have different prices and of course full of different channel lists one can choose from. Below you will find the list of channels included in all new Azam Tv Packages Tanzania.

Azam Tv Packages Tanzania 2022 Price

Azam Tv Packages Tanzania
Azam Tv Packages Tanzania

Azam Lite Package Price

Azam Lite is one of the cheapest azam tv packages which costs only Sh 8,000 per month. This package includes more than fifty five (80+) channels that one can choose from. good huh!!

Azam Pure Package Price

Azam pure is another  cheapest azam tv packages that cost only 13,000 Tsh per month subscription. This package includes more than fifty-five (75+) channels that one can choose from. The advantage of this package is that you will be able to watch the news from different countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zanzibar. Of course, you won’t be able to watch many footballs live match as the packages does not include as much sports channels but at least for refreshment, you can opt to watch Azam sport Hd, AMC series and Swahili Cinema at Sinema zetu channel.

Azam Plus Package Price

Azam Plus packages is the jackpot for most of us. It has more than ninety-five channels for a subscription of Ksh 20,000 per month only. With Azam plus you will always find your favorite program to watch, no matter if you are a fan of football, a fan of movies and cinema, music, or just someone who wants to stay updated on a different world event.

Azam play Package Price

Azam play is the more expensive Azam tv packages. It cost Tsh 35,000 Tsh per month. But being more expensive does not mean that it’s not affordable. Basing on the number and type of channels that are included in this packages this package really worth that amount. Azam play comprises the following channels.

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