CNN Female Reporters And Anchors You Need to Watch in 2022

We all know that the media is a man’s world, but have you ever wondered which are the CNN Female Reporters And Anchors? If yes, then continue reading. Here’s a list with the name of CNN female reporters and anchors, along with photos and links to their social profiles.

CNN Female Reporters And Anchors You Need to Watch in 2022

When it comes to women in the media, there are so many roles they can play. A journalist, an anchor, and a reporter. But which ones have women nailed? Which ones need improvement? To get a better idea of how female reporters and anchors are faring at different news channels, here’s a Look at the CNN Female Reporters And Anchors as of 2022. The number of female reporters on television has increased in the last few years. It’s not just about having women presenters either. There’s an increasing need for journalists who can break down stories that are often difficult to understand for viewers who may be less-familiar with them.

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In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the number of CNN female reporters as well as CNN female anchors that are currently doing very good brings all news topic to the world wind readers

CNN Female Anchors You Need to Watch in 2022

When it comes to TV journalism, you can’t get more “newsworthy” than the Cable News Network (CNN). CNN is often referred to as the “U.S. News channel” Headquartered in Atlanta. It has a huge reach around the world, with affiliates in over 200 countries and territories. The channel is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a subsidiary of Time Warner. CNN’s female reporters are a huge force for change in the media world. The channel has had a long history of championing women in news and media. They’ve also produced many trailblazing female journalists.

CNN Anchors Official Profile
1. Christiane Amanpour View Official Profile
2. Becky Anderson View Official Profile
3. Zain Asher View Official Profile
4. Dana Bash View Official Profile
5. Kate Bolduan View Official Profile
6. Pamela Brown View Official Profile
7. Erin Burnett View Official Profile
8. Ana Cabrera View Official Profile
9. Alisyn Camerota View Official Profile
10. Julia Chatterley View Official Profile
11. Rosemary Church View Official Profile
12. Amanda Davies View Official Profile
13. S.E. Cupp View Official Profile
14. Nina dos Santos View Official Profile
15. Bianna Golodryga View Official Profile

1. Christiane Amanpour

CNN Female Reporters And Anchors You Need to Watch in 2022
Photo Credit: CNN, all right reserved.

While some of the biggest names in journalism are men, Amanpour is one of the best female reporters working today. She has been reporting since 1980 and joined CNN in 1990. Christiane Amanpour is CNN’s chief international anchor of the network’s flagship global affairs program “Amanpour” . Christiane Amanpour has a unique style and voice when it comes to presenting the news.

For decades, Christiane Amanpour has risen through the ranks of the journalism world to become one of the most revered news anchors in America. With over 150 countries and territories in which her work airs, it’s no surprise that she can claim responsibility for many groundbreaking interviews throughout her career.

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Christiane Amanpour earned every major television journalism award including twelve News and Documentary Awards, four Peabody Awards and three duPontia Awards. She has received nine honorary degrees and was this year inducted into the CBE Hall of Fame. She graduated from the Rhode Island University of the Arts in Journalism in Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism.

She was the first international correspondent to interview British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Afghan President.

2. Becky Anderson

Photo Credit: CNN, all right reserved.

Becky Anderson is one of CNN International’s highest profile anchors. She hosts Connect the World with Becky Anderson, which airs weekdays at 7:00pm UAE time. Anderson is based at CNN’s Abu Dhabi bureau, where she also serves as Managing Editor.

She has conducted one-on-one interviews with world leaders including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir, Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abudllah bin Zayed, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Al Thani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anderson has also been focusing on the human rights violations against women and young people across the globe. After interviewing senior Saudis, she discusses with a panel of experts whether or not there are new opportunities in place for women and young people since the Arab Spring. One notable interviewee includes NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg where Anderson asks live crowdsourced questions via social media channels.

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3. Zain Asher

Photo Credit: CNN

Zain Asher is a talented journalist who has been with CNN International for several years now. A college graduate from Oxford University, she ventured into journalism to pursue her dreams of exploring cultures and uncovering untold stories across the globe. She has been an integral part of many major international news events – from covid-19 pandemic that swept across the world, to breaking coverage of the US-China trade war, the ongoing Saudi crisis in Yemen, the London Bridge terror attacks and other major events around the world such as mass demonstrations against police brutality in Nigeria and racial inequality that spans across borders.

4. Dana Bash

Photo Credit: CNN

Dana Bash is a popular CNN journalist who has been in the limelight for over 15 years. Dana Bash was born on June 15, 1971  in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. Bash received her bachelor’s degree in political communications from The George Washington University. She is a well-known American journalist, who is currently working at CNN as an anchor and chief political correspondent.

She has interviewed candidates such as President Trump and Senator Warren, bringing forth their opinions on political matters and economic issues.  Dana also interviewed American citizens at political town halls. Dana has great news skills and appears to have a deep understanding of the message being articulated. The interview had a tone of being informative and relaxed with both participants being friendly and effective communicators.

Dana Bash has won several accolades during her journalism career through which she has established her name as one of the versatile journalists in the print/television/airwaves industry.

Dana Bash has been awarded numerous awards in journalism, including the National Press Foundation’s 2019 Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. She was also selected as one of The Most Influential Women by Time Magazine and Newsweek.

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5. Kate Bolduan

Photo Credit: CNN

Kate Bolduan is a CNN broadcast journalist who lives in New York City. She is the current host of At This Hour with Kate Bolduan and previously anchored the CNN program State of the Union from January 2013 until March 2017. She was previously a CNN White House correspondent.

She was a correspondent for ABC News before joining CNN, where she started her career as a general assignment reporter for ABC station WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. She has reported from all over the world, including Osama bin Laden’s death and the 2010 Haiti earthquake and cholera outbreak.

Bolduan joined CNN in 2007 as a CNN Newsource national reporter, providing breaking news coverage and feature reports to over 800 CNN Newsource affiliates. Bolduan covered the 2008 presidential race for Newsource and went throughout the country reporting other big stories. She also worked as a general assignment reporter for WTVD-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina, before joining CNN Newsource. In Washington, D.C., she began her broadcast career as a production assistant for NBC News and MSNBC.

6. Pamela Brown

Photo Credit: CNN

Every weekday afternoon, Pamela Brown anchors CNN’s “Newsroom.” She is also a regular on CNN’s daily morning show “New Day.” Brown formerly worked as an ABC News journalist and at KOMO-TV in Seattle, Washington.

Brown has reported for CNN on a variety of topics, including the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by the militant group Boko Haram, the West African Ebola outbreak, the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

She had previously worked as a general assignment reporter in Atlanta. Brown also hosted many newscasts on HLN’s “Morning Express with Robin Meade” and hosted her own weekly feature, “Pamela Brown’s Perspective,” in which she examined societal issues from the perspective of a millennial. She came to CNN from WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., where she was an evening anchor for two years.

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7. Erin Burnett

Photo Credit: CNN

Erin Burnett is a successful TV news anchor and writer. She is best known for her work on financial news shows. Burnett’s has been in many places before joining CNN. After getting her Bachelor of Arts degree in political economy, she immediately started a job at Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst in their investment banking division, where she worked on mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance.

While working as an investment-banking analyst, Burnett was offered a position at CNN as a writer and booker for CNN’s Moneyline with Stuart Varney, Willow Bay, and Lou Dobbs. She left the position to serve as vice president of Citigroup’s digital media group, CitiMedia. At Bloomberg, she anchored “Street Signs” and “The Close.”

Erin Burnett is the currently anchor of Erin Burnett OutFront, a dynamic nightly news program that offers in-depth analysis and engaging interviews with newsmakers. In addition, Burnett is CNN’s Chief Business and Economics Correspondent.

She joined CNN in 2008 after working as an anchor for CNBC, where she anchored many programmes such as “Street Signs,” “Squawk Box,” and “Business Center.” Burnett formerly worked for Bloomberg Television and MSNBC, where she hosted the nighttime show “The News with Brian Williams.” She also appeared on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and Today.

8. Ana Cabrera

Photo Credit: CNN

Ana Cabrera is an American journalist who graduated from Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She completed an internship at the Tamp Bay Times and there after started working as a Producer for NBC News and MSNBC in Washington, D.C.

She also won two Associated Press Awards for her work in Print Journalism while attending the university – even though she started off with being just a student reporter. In 2019 Cabrera was also awarded with the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award.

When Ana wasn’t reporting on Politics or Health Care Policy, she would cover Immigration and Education topics- giving us all insight into what life is like here in America.

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9. Alisyn Camerota

Photo Credit: CNN

Alisyn Camerota is a multitalented American-born journalist, who has been able to use her skills to make significant contributions towards current events. Receiving two Emmy Awards for her coverage of the deaths of George Floyd and Roger Stone, she became known nationally as an excellent investigative reporter – even interviewing students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the horrific shooting there.

In addition to this impressive resume, she also writes novels. One such work, Amanda Wakes Up, received recognition from NPR and Oprah Magazine as it was selected one of the best books of the year. Alisyn attended American University on a Presidential scholarship, graduating cum laude in Broadcast Journalism

Alisyn joined CNN in 2014 and spent six years co-hosting “New Day,” which covered the most important news stories of the day, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 election, the Trump presidency, Harvey damage in Houston, Paris and Brussels terror attacks, and the Parkland school shooting.

10. Julia Chatterley

Photo Credit: CNN

Julia Chatterley, CNN anchor and journalist, began her career in reporting in 2003 in CNN’s London desk. She has covered every significant worldwide event since then, including the Arab Spring, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the fall of Moammar Gadhafi.

Tough jobs like this have led to her being named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s “TV’s Most Powerful Women” and Variety magazine’s “Top 10 News Anchors Under 40.”

Chatterley has been reporting extensively from inside Syria since the beginning of the uprising in 2011. She was among the first journalists to report on the slaughter of people in Houla, Syria, and has made numerous unique stories from within battle zones.

Chatterley worked as a correspondent for Sky News’ Sunrise show in London before joining CNN. She has worked as a foreign journalist for NBC News in Paris and Moscow.

She also worked on news segments with Tom Brokaw for NBC Nightly News. Before joining NBC News, Chatterley worked for Reuters Television for four years, covering everything from battles in Afghanistan and Kosovo to wildfires in Australia and the OJ Simpson trial.

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11. Rosemary Church

Photo Credit: CNN

Rosemary Church is a CNN International award-winning journalist with over 30 years of experience covering important world events. Her episodes air on CNN International from 0700-0900 GMT/0200-0400 ET Monday through Thursday. She was on the air when news of Osama bin Laden’s death emerged, and it was also during her broadcast when word of an earthquake – and probable tsunami – in Japan broke.

She has anchored the network’s coverage of the Covid-19 outbreak, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the terrible Parkland, Florida school massacre, and the Fuego Volcano disaster in Guatemala.

12. Amanda Davies

CNN Female Reporters And Anchors
CNN Female Reporters And Anchors @ Amanda Davies

Amanda Davies is a CNN International sports anchor based in London. She has hosted the network’s ‘World Sport’ coverage of key events such as the Summer and Winter Olympics, Football World Cups, Champions League Finals, Tour de France, and World Athletics Championships. She received a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Oxford, as well as the famous Philip Geddes Memorial Journalism Prize. Before joining CNN, she worked for the BBC, where she provided sports reporting on the flagship BBC News and BBC Breakfast bulletins.

13. S.E. Cupp

Photo Credit: CNN

S.E. Cupp is a CNN political commentator and practical conservative with a razor-sharp honesty. Cupp was most recently the anchor of CNN’s SE Cupp Unfiltered, a weekly show that covered the volatile junction of politics and media. She formerly hosted a panel program on HLN that discussed current topics affecting the country. In 2013, she became a CNN contributor, and in 2017, she became an HLN host. She is a syndicated political journalist, cultural critic, author, and consultant.

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14. Nina dos Santos

Photo Credit: CNN

Nina dos Santos is one of CNN’s most accomplished reporters. Born in Britain and raised between both France and Holland, her fluency in five languages make her an international talent. Nina began her career in print journalism with internships at the Financial Times Group and Dow Jones & Co before transitioning to television news as a presenter for Bloomberg Television, Sky News, and NBC News.

Nina graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Economics. Nina is half English and half Dutch, and she speaks French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German fluently. Nina lived and worked in Italy for several years before returning to London in 2005. She has also visited France and Spain.

Following the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York, Nina got a series of worldwide exclusives on the International Monetary Fund. She was the first journalist to obtain a copy of the previous managing director’s jail-written resignation letter, which sparked debate among female IMF personnel over whether it was time for a woman to lead the organization.

15. Bianna Golodryga

Bianna Golodryga is a CNN fill-in anchor and senior global affairs commentator based in New York. She became a full-time contributor for CNN in 2017. She has been a CBS News correspondent since August 2017. She oversaw the network’s coverage of President George H.W. Bush’s funeral and conducted multiple breaking news interviews, including one with Huawei’s CEO, his first with a U.S. journalist. She formerly worked for Yahoo News and ABC News as a news and financial anchor.

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Final Word

Thankfully, there are a number of excellent female reporters on television today who can do just that. As time goes on, they will continue to make a name for themselves. Whether they are respected or feared seems to depend largely on the role they play at their news organization and the topics they cover. But whatever happens, it’s likely that their presence in the news will be more widely known going into 2022. And this is a step in the right direction.

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