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Kuccps Inter university transfer

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The Kenya Central University and College Placement Service (KUCCPS) is a state corporation that provides career guidance and selects students for admission to universities, national polytechnics, technical training institutes, and other accredited higher education institutions for programs sponsored by the Government of Kenya. Here we’ll take you through the Kuccps Transfer portal and kuccps inter institution transfer/kuccps inter university transfer.

Note: The Kuccps Transfer Portal is open for KCSE candidates who have been successfully placed to various universities and colleges but due to some reasons wish to transfer to other universities or candidates who wish to apply for a change of course.

Kuccps Transfer Portal
Inter University Transfer 2021

Kuccps Inter-university transfer guidelines

Applications for inter university transfer are usually made through the KUCCPS inter university transfer portal. A student needs to access the KUCCPS website >>student.kuccps.net/.<<>>DIRECT LINK<<And then follow few steps to complete the transfer. Before jumping into the inter-university transfer process, Below are the requirements for a university transfer.

  • The applicant must ensure that they meet the minimum requirements for the course that they wish to pursue in the university they about to request a transfer. This means that they have to meet the cut-off points for that course in that university. Also, they must ensure that there is still capacity for that course. In case the grades are lower or the Maximum course capacity at the university to which students wish to be transferred reached, then the transfer cannot be granted.
  • The student must get approval from the college or universities they want to join. This helps to ensure that the applicant has valid reasons for requesting the transfer. If a student applies and does not get KUCCPS approval, then he/she remains at their respective institutions.
  • Transfer reason: Students must provide a compelling transfer reason in not less than 300 characters and not more than 300 characters.
  • Supporting Documents: You must justify your transfer reason. For example, if you are transferring for medical reasons you must have a medical report.
  • Programme Code: This is a 7 digit number available just before the programme name.

Below are kuccps inter institution transfer/kuccps inter-university transfer Procedures.

Step 01

Visit the KUCCPS Transfer Portal website>>student.kuccps.net/.<<>>DIRECT LINK<<and access your student account. To login to your KUCCPS Transfer Portal account, You must enter your KCSE index number and the year you did your examination as the username. The password should be your ID number and in case you do not have one, you can use your KCPE index number.

Step 02

Click on the “applications” and you will find the inter-institution transfer link.

Step 03

Then correctly fill in all fields required in the inter-institution transfer form. Then after complete fill in all required details download the form and print it.

Step 04

Thereafter take the printed form to both institutions, i.e., the institution you want to leave and the institution that you want to join. The form must be signed by officials from both sides, the vice-chancellor of the university and the principal of the college.

Step 05

The last step is to ensure that your request to transfer has been approved. You will do this by taking the form to the Placement Service. The best thing is that as long as you are eligible, then then your request will be given and validated. The Inter-university transfer KUCCPS procedure is quite a short and straightforward procedure, thanks to the online service.

Some Point To Note On Kuccps Inter University Transfer

  • KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer service is not usually provided for free. Students must pay some service charges through Mpesa. This payment is usually made after the successful completion of the steps in the application process.

To pay for KUCCPS Inter University Transfer charges on your Mpesa application click on the Pay Bill option. Enter the business number 820211. Next, enter the year you sat for your KCSE followed by the index number which is 11 digits.

  • Do not make payments prior to completing the application process.
  • Also, avoid scammers on social media who claim to be workers of KUCCPS. The inter-university transfers service can only be provided through the online Kuccps Transfer Portal. If another website purports to provide these services, ignore and do not make any payment. Also, money is not sent to phone numbers but the pay bill number of the company.
  • Do not go about complicating the whole process by not reading the instructions carefully. The procedure is very simple.

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