Capasso Online Registration

CAPASSO Membership Online Registration

CAPASSO is a digital rights licensing agency based in Johannesburg – South Africa that collects and distributes royalties to its members: music publishers and composers.

Capasso Membership Eligibility

Capasso membership is open to any person, being a composer, author or publisher, or their successors in title, who owns or controls the mechanical right to a musical work.


The criteria for admission and continued membership are prescribed by the CAPASSO Board, from time to time. The following criteria must be met for any Author (including Composer) or Publisher to be a Member of CAPASSO:

  • Acceptance and ratification of this Membership Rules document by way of signature of Declaration on the Membership Application Form.
  • Payment of Annual Membership Subscription Fee

Capasso Online Registration Guide

Step 1

Step 2

  • Next, click on the “Membership” link in the home page.
Capasso Online Registration
Capasso Online Registration

Step 3

  • Select Membership type

  1. Composer Registration – Become a member of our Music composer’s elite list.
  2. Publisher Registration – Check out our Licensing services to get Music Loyalties.

Step 4

  • After that, fill the required details as per your selection.

Step 5

  • Finally click on “Submit” button to complete your registration.

Distribution Rules

  • Royalty distributions are allocated to the rights owner (Member) of the mechanical right in the musical work.
  • In the case of Works of Music subject to a publishing agreement, royalties relating to those Works of Music shall be paid to the Publisher Member. Statements reflecting payments made in respect of such Works of Music will be sent to both the Author and Publisher Members who are mechanical rights owners in such works.
  • In the case of works not subject to a publishing agreement, royalties will be paid to the Author Member.

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