Bei Za Maji Tanzania Dawasco | Bei ya Unit moja ya Maji


Bei Za Maji Tanzania Dawasco | Bei ya Unit moja ya Maji

Bei za maji tanzania | Bei ya Unit moja ya Maji | Jinsi ya kuhesabu unit za maji | Bei ya unit moja ya maji 2021 dar es salaam | Bei ya unit ya maji mwanza 2021

Dare salaam water supply Company (DAWASCO), Responsible for the distribution and provision of water services across Dare salaam Region and Tanzania at large. This article contains all the information regarding Dawasco unit price read this article carefully so as you can get all the information.

Here we have brough to you the list of unit prices in various in various regions, based in District and regions. Many people fail to understand the difference between DAWASA and DAWASCO, DAWASA is a water authority responsible for providing sewerage and sewerage removal in Dar es Salaam on the outskirts of the Coast. while the Dawasco is the organization for the distribution and management of sewerage and sewerage services.

Bei Za Maji Tanzania Dawasco | Bei ya Unit moja ya Maji

The price of a single unit price charged by DAWASCO is TZS 1663, but if the customer purchases more than a single unit the charged price will be lowered to TZS 1106 per unit. You can download the PDF file for the unit price for all the regions charged by the Tanzania water supply company.

Bei Za Maji Tanzania Dawasco | Bei ya Unit moja ya Maji

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How to pay for Dawasco units | DAWASA Bill payments

Jinsi ya kilipia bill ya maji

You have already checked the price of the Dawasco unit now, you want to pay for the Dawasco units, it is very simple, all payments are made via the control numbers that are sent to you every month, you can check it on your invoice.

  • Dial the Money USSD code example: MPESA *150*00#
  • Choose government payments
  • Enter control number
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Enter the password and press ok
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