Adult Matric Registration 2022 Online

Adult Matric Registration 2022 Online

Adults interested in earning their matric can register at any provincial education office, including the provincial head office, district office, or district office. Candidates can also register online via their website.

Adult Matric Registration 2022 Online

Registration for the 2022 Senior Certificate Examinations is now open! The application starts on 03 Nov 2021 and closes on 28 February 2022.

What is Adult Matric?

Adult Matric is a second chance for anybody who was, for any reason, unable to complete their matric year.

Once you apply for your Adult Matric, Matric College will help you choose 6 subjects that are right for you and help prepare you for your examinations. We will help you study more efficiently so that it’s reflected in your marks.

Getting your Adult Matric certificate means that you can apply to universities and make your way towards a degree. It’s not too late to start developing a stable career!

Application Requirements

In order to register, you will need to submit the following:

  • Completed registration form
  • A certified copy of your ID document or birth certificate or passport (foreign candidates)
  • Repeater candidates must attach a copy of their previous highest qualification
  • If you have you entered and wrote any other Grade 12 or equivalent examination before you will need to supply the examination numbers for those exams.

Who Should Apply for Adult Matric

The following candidates will qualify for admission to the Senior Certificate:

  • Adult learners who are 21 years and older who have:
  • a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC); or
  • a Grade 9 school report (or the old standard seven), stating that they have passed Grade 9 or Standard 7; or
  • a recognised equivalent qualification obtained at NQF Level which requires two official languages.
  • Adult learners who are 21 years and older with an incomplete Senior Certificate qualification.
  • Adult learners who are 21 years and older with an incomplete National Senior Certificate and whose School-Based Assessment (SBA) validity has expired.
  • Only in exceptional cases, out of school youth, who are 18-21 years old and who could not complete their school education due to circumstances beyond their control, as verified by the Head of Department in the Provincial Education Department.
  • Adult candidates who are 21 years and older with an incomplete NSC and whose School-Based Assessment component has not yet expired may choose to complete the NSC by registering in January for the 2021 NSC examinations to be written in November, or convert to the Senior Certificate.  Should the candidate choose to convert to the Senior Certificate, they may not revert to the NSC and attempt to complete the NSC qualification.

How Long Does It Take to Do an Adult Matric?

Adult Matric Registration 2022 Online Guide

Adult Matric is a three-year, full-time course that covers work from grade 10 through to matric. Each subject will require that you write a single exam. These exam results will be your final results as there is no classwork mark.

Giving yourself a 3 year period means that you have more time to study and enough time to space out your exams. That way, you can start your adult matric at 19 and only write your exams when you’re 21.

How to Register for Adult Matric 2022

If you are a Adults and currently interested in doing your matric you may register at any provincial education office, which includes the provincial head office, the district office or a circuit office. Candidates can also register online via their website.

For information on registration criteria, subject choices and promotion requirements visit the Senior Certificate page.

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