Top 5 List Of Richest Bloggers In The World

Top 5 List Of Richest Bloggers In The World

List Of Richest Bloggers In The World | High Paid Bloggers In The World Last Year

For most of us, blogging is nothing more than a fun part-time activity, where we write about the things we’re passionate about, but there are always exceptions, and successful bloggers usually make good money. These bloggers mentioned their writing jobs just like you and me, but with a bit of luck and great content, they were able to turn this part-time activity into a full-time job.

Sure, blogging may seem like an ideal job, but it requires a drastic lifestyle change and a lot of dedication if you really want to be successful. And in case you were wondering how much top bloggers earn, we have compiled a list of the 10 Richest Bloggers in the World, which will surely make your eyeballs pop.

List Of Richest Bloggers In The World

Arianna Huffington | The Huffington Post

Top 10 List Of Richest Bloggers In The World
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Yes, you might say The Huffington Post is much more than a blog right now, but it has become a popular news source, and also one of the most popular websites in the world in just a couple of years. The blog, founded by Ariana Huffington in 2005, now has a monthly income of $2.3 million, nearly three times that of TechCrunch. This is why Ariana Huffington is the richest blogger in the world right now.

Michael Arrington | Techcrunch

Top 10 List Of Richest Bloggers In The World
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TechCrunch is tightly tuned to the tech industry and strives to be the best in the field to cover scientific news, startup profiles, new gadgets, and all other tech industries. Michael Arrington wanted to create a one stop destination for tech news, and he struck gold with TechCrunch. Arlington was even called the “Silicon Valley Prophet” on his blog, and through his work here he became the most influential person in technology. TechCrunch earns him about $ 800,000 a month.

Pete Cashmore | Mashable

Top 10 List Of Richest Bloggers In The World
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The world’s largest independent award-winning website, Mashable covers everything from social media, business and technology to entertainment and lifestyle. Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of the blog, started this unique project in his bedroom in Scotland when he was just 19 years old, and years later became a millionaire thanks to it. He is also the youngest person to become a millionaire from blogging alone. Mashable brings Pete $600,000 a month right now.

Mario Lavandeira | Perez Hilton

Mario Lavandeira or Perez Hilton has become a powerful blogger overnight since he launched his blog in 2005. This is also not a typical blog, revealing all the details of a celebrity’s private life, no matter how private. Celebrity news and scandals have made Perez Hilton so famous all over the world that many have come to find hidden things about their favorite stars. Mario La Bandeira earns $ 450,000 a month from Perez Hilton.

Vitaly Friedman | Smashing Magazine

SmashingMagazine is the world’s most popular blog for website designers and developers, featuring the latest and greatest tips, high-quality tutorials, guides and amazing resources that can turn you into a website designer very quickly. Vitaly Friedman is the founder of this very useful website which brings him about $190K per month, from banner ads alone.


Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes became a self-made millionaire trading penny stocks when he was just 21 and then he continued with a hedge fund that didn’t go as planned but got him invited to the Wall Street Warriors documentary. He had $12,415 left and wanted to repeat the process of making his fortune from there, this time covering it with over 8,000 posts, getting to an account of $4,280,000.  Sykes is incredibly smart when it comes to stocks and if someone wanted to make lots of money his blog was a must read, featuring articles about investment, finance and stocks, of course. From his blog alone he earns around $150,000 every month.

Triple Michael
Triple Michael is a gamer and a computer enthusiast who enjoys assisting others by publishing answers to Windows and Android operating system difficulties. In his spare time, he likes watching movies and playing video games.