Tiketi Za Mabasi Online Tanzania (Tiketi Mtandao NIDC)

Tiketi Za Mabasi Online/ Tiketi Mtandao

Tiketi Za Mabasi Online NIDC/Tiketi Za Mabasi Mtandaoni is an electronic program for booking bus tickets in Tanzania online. This program allows anyone in Tanzania to book bus tickets without the need to go to the bus company’s offices, later payments will be made through mobile networks or banking services. In a simple way, TIKETI MTANDAO is the new electronic way of purchasing tickets to various regional towns.

The app play a very crucial role in ease the ticket booking as now anyone to do it at the comfort of his/her home. Here we’ll show you jinsi ya kukata tiketi online and all you need to know about Tiketi za mabasi online NIDC.

Jinsi Ya Kukata Tiketi Za Mabasi Online

Kukata tiketi za mabasi kunaeza fanyika kupitia nyia mbili ambazo ni

  • Download the TIKETI MTANDAO app from the play store. (Tiketi Za Mabasi Mtandaoni)
  • Visit your referred bus and purchase your ticket from an authorized agent(s) who use the TIKETI MTANDAO app/ POS.

Angalia steps unazoeza fata ili kukata tiketi online Step 1 A traveler can install the APP from the Playstore once done, the app will appear on the user’s phone screen as shown below Tiketi Za Mabasi Mtandaoni Tanzania (Tiketi za mabasi online NIDC)Step 2

When you open the app for the first time, you will be required to choose the language that you prefer, To continue you must select your language of preference.

Step 3

Once you select your language Enter your area of departure (mahali unapotoka), final destination (Mahali Unapokwenda), date of departure(Tarehe unayotaka kuanza safari) , select the bus type/class then click SEARCH BUS tiketi mtandao

Step 4 Select the bus you want to board and the seat you would like to sit on the day of your trip, then click PROCEED

tiketi mtandao

Step 5

Select the boarding stop and dropping stop then click PROCEED

Step 6 Fill in your personal information e.g names, Identification card Gender, Marital Status, etc, Once you completely fill in your details correctly click NEXT, enter your mobile number, and then click FINISH

Below is Video Guide on Jinsi ya Kutukata Tiketi Mtandaoni

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