Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Maua Seminary Secondary School Contacts & Maua Seminary Secondary School Results: Maua Seminary was founded in 1970 by Franciscan Capuchin Missionaries from Switzerland, and it began with only 30 pupils. It has grown significantly since then. We now have 254 enrolled Form I-VI students from various areas of Tanzania studying at Maua Seminary. In 1973, the first Form IV students graduated. It had been issuing Certificates for Ordinary Level (CSEE) since that time until 1981, when Advanced Level of Form V – VI (ACSEE) was added.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results

The Seminary is located within the juridical boundary of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi which is in the North Eastern Tanzania at the slopes of Mountain Kilimanjaro, about 50 Kilometres from Moshi Town Centre. The altitude at the Seminary is 1666 Meters above the sea level.

The school mission is to provide a high quality secondary education to the students, with holistic formation aimed at forming Tanzanian boys for Priestly and Religious Vocation.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results
Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees

For some reason, Maua Seminary Secondary School does not publish its tuition fees, therefore if you are seeking for this school’s tuition fee, we recommend that you contact the school directly using the contact information mentioned below or visit the school in person.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Results

Maua Seminary Secondary School has managed to get good results in the National Necta exams in 2021. In the academic season 2021, Maua seminary has managed to lead in the Kilimanjaro region and ranked number six nationally by doing well in the Necta exams. If you are a parent who wants a decent education for your kid, this school might be a fantastic start for your son to accomplish his life aspirations owing to the quality of education offered as well as appropriate discipline training.

F 0 0 0 0 0
M 85 1 0 0 0
T 85 1 0 0 0

For advanced level the courses or combinations found include:PCM, PCB, PGM, CBG, EGM, HGE, and HGL.

Maua school has well-trained teachers with advanced and modern techniques, some of them are monks and some are just regular teachers. There are adequate facilities including classrooms and two laboratories with equipment and teaching aids to help students understand easily, to name a few.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Contacts

If you have any query or you would like more expansion please contact the Maua secondary administration using the contact details listed below

  • Phone:+255 754 018 279
    +255 769 818 793
  • E-mail:
  • Fax :027 275 8206

Maua Seminary Secondary School Subjects Offered

Code Subject Name
11 Civics
12 History
13 Geography
14 Bible Knowledge
21 Kiswahili
22 English Language
31 Physics
32 Chemistry
33 Biology
41 Basic Mathematics

Qualifications required for joining Maua seminary

Generally for someone to join Franciscan seminary Maua, first that someone should be a male, he must be a practising member of the Catholic church, he should have at least received the sacrament of Baptism according to the Catholic church and even first Holy communion although he might receive first Holy communion at the seminary after admission. He must be well behaved and acceptable to their society.

If someone wants to come to Maua seminary for form one, they must have passed well their standard seven national examination and the examination that is normally taken as an interview for joining Maua seminary. If they are selected all the information about admission will be sent to them according to the address they gave during the interview.

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