Mzumbe Secondary School Joining Instruction, Results, Fees and Contacts

If your looking for Mzumbe Secondary School Joining Instruction 2022, mzumbe secondary school results or mzumbe secondary school Fees and Mzumbe Secondary School Location then you have come to the right place. Keep on reading this article to get all information about Mzumbe Secondary.

Mzumbe Secondary School Joining Instruction, Results, Fees and Contacts

Mzumbe Secondary School is recognized throughout the country as one of the best high schools in Tanzania. The school offers a range of rigorous courses and activities for students, including extra-curricular activities, sports and clubs. The staff remains committed to upholding the high standards that have earned the school several awards and honors.

As a result, Mzumbe Secondary has been named among the highest-performing high schools in the country. Also, Mzumbe Secondary provides a strong educational foundation for students with the help of an amazing group of teachers, administrators, and supportive staff.

Mzumbe Secondary School Joining Instruction, Results, Fees and Contacts
Mzumbe Secondary School Joining Instruction, Results, Fees and Contacts

Mzumbe Secondary School Joining Instruction

Mzumbe Secondary joining instruction is a document that informs you about the school you have been selected to attend, the necessary requirements, tuition fees and other fees. It also contains information about everything that you should bring with you during reporting time. The document also contains information about the school’s policies and procedures. It is important that you read all the instructions before joining Mzumbe Secondary School.

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Mzumbe secondary school Fees

Miscellaneous Contributions:

  • Donation for first care shs. 10,000/= every year
  • ID money and 6 “passport size” photos 10,000 shillings/=
  • Envelope and stamp 3,000 shillings/=
  • Funds for protection and labor 30,000/= every year
  • Precautionary fund shs 10,000/=
  • Desks sh. 35,000/=
  • Professional contribution shs. 20,000/=


  • Fee 70,000/=
  • Donations Tsh 118,000/=

TOTAL 188,000/=

Required Staffs That Can Be Purchased In The School Store

  • Two dark blue pants. Each Tsh 20,000/=
  • Two pants with old man’s blood. Each Tsh. 20,000/=
  • Two white shirts with short sleeves. Each Tshs. 15,000/=
  • Shirt 2 (1 with collar sh. 15,000/=, 1 without collar sh. 10,000/=.) Total Tsh. 25,000/=
  • Track suit – Sea blue without writing sh. 25,000/=
  • Jersey (shirt and t-shirt) navy blue color for sports.Sh. 12,000/-
  • Tape sh. 3,500/=
  • Sweater sh. 15,000/=
  • Socks sh. 2,000/=
  • Renting a mattress 20,000 shillings/- per year (mattresses from home are not allowed). The money to rent the mattress should be deposited into the donation account

Mzumbe Secondary School Results

If you’re looking for a good school for your son , you should consider Mzumbe Secondary School. It’s a great school with good facilities and teachers. The school has a good reputation, and it is well known for its excellent performance in the Necta examinations. It also has a good academic record and provides quality education to its students.

The school offers a wide range of courses with very high standards and expectations. In 2021 Csee Examination Results Mzumbe Secondary school has emerged as the top performer of Morogoro region and was ranked in 10 position nationally with 99 students who took the exam get division one and 2 students get division two

F 0 0 0 0 0
M 101 1 0 0 0
T 101 1 0 0 0

The school has a dedicated staff that is committed to providing an education that is relevant and applicable to the real world. The school also offers special programs for students who excel in sports and art, which can help your child find his niche.

Mzumbe Secondary School Location

This school is located in Mvomero District, Morogoro Region. It is located 25 kilometers from Morogoro City towards Iringa. If you are coming from Dar es Salaam or Dodoma, down Msamvu, ride a daladala towards the main minibus stand in Mafiga street at a cost of T.Shs 400/= only, then ride a daladala towards Mzumbe for a fare of T.Shs. 1000/= only.

If you use Tax, the cost is T.Shs. 5,000/= from Msamvu to Mafiga, and Tshs. 20,000/= from Mafiga to Mzumbe. If you come from the Iringa route, go down to Sangasanga where you can reach Mzumbe by taxi, the fare does not exceed Sh. 500/= or a motorcycle for a fare of 2,000 shillings/=.

Mzumbe Secondary School Contacts

  • Mkuu wa shule 0717015950/0688687231
  • Makamu M/Shule 0769831453/0713482594

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