Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa CRDB | How To Become CRDB Wakala

Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa CRDB | How To Become CRDB Wakala

CRDB Wakala is a CRDB Bank approved and well trained business entity and / or person, authorized to provide specific services on behalf of CRDB Bank according to Bank of Tanzania rules and guidelines.Here we’ll take you through How To Become CRDB Wakala

Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa CRDB | How To Become CRDB Wakala
Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa CRDB | How To Become CRDB Wakala

Services available at CRDB Wakala

  1. Balance inquiry and generation of mini account statements
  2. Cash deposit into any CRDB bank account, free of charge.
  3. Cash withdrawal at any CRDB Wakala using our CRDB bank cards and cardless options through the SimBanking app or USSD by dialing * 150 * 03 #
  4. Bill payment services for both CRDB customers and non-customers including LUKU purchase, airtime, water bills, airline tickets, TV subscription payment and many more.
  5. Payment of school fees
  6. Repayments of loans, pensions and social benefits
  7. Government payments via GePG and TRA tax payments using control numbers
  8. Facilitate instant account opening
  9. Facilitate the application of credit and debit cards

Benefits of using CRDB Wakala

  1. CRDB Wakala agent network enables unbanked, unbanked and banked Tanzanians to conveniently access our banking services and enjoy the following benefits and beyond;
  2. Save time: agent services do not require queues and are therefore very fast
  3. Save costs: eliminate distances and lower access to banking service
  4. Available as close as on your doorstep, with 14,000 agents we have reached every corner of Tanzania
  5. Extended Banking Hours: CRDB Wakala operates before branch closing hours and some are available around the clock.
  6. As our ambassadors, agents are happy to share knowledge of banking services and products with clients.
  7. Reduce the risk of cash for customers who wish to deposit before moving or traveling
  8. Let’s work together to promote financial inclusion in the country by becoming CRDB Wakala.

Why Become CRDB Wakala

  • Earn an attractive CRDB Wakala commission serving crdb large customer base across the country
  • Increase customer traffic to your business
  • Bring efficiency to your business in cash management
  • Free training for capacity building in the areas of entrepreneurship, banking services, the fight against money laundering and the fight against fraud
  • Leverage in the CRDB Bank brand

Jinsi Ya Kuwa Wakala Wa CRDB | How To Become CRDB Wakala


  • A person must be a business person or entity
  • You must have an existing business that is legally operated with a valid business license
  • Must be operating in a permanent business premises
  • It must have been in operation for at least eighteen (18) months.
  • It must not have been classified as a delinquent borrower by any financial institution and must maintain status for the life of the agency agreement.
  • A person/company should not operate agency banking as their only activity.
  • CRDB Bank Plc staff and/or their associates are NOT authorized to conduct agency banking on behalf of the bank.
  • Tsh 2 million minimum working capital

If you want more information visit CRDB official website via >>https://crdbbank.co.tz/sw/crdb-wakala-sw/

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