Dar es salaam Zip Code-Dar es salaam postal codes 2022

Dar es salaam Zip Code-Dar es salaam postal codes

Tanzania postal code; Postal code Dodoma; Tanzania zip code TCRA

Postal codes are strings of numbers (and sometimes letters) that help postal services determine where mail is sent. They help simplify the task of getting mail to its destination. Nations around the world use postal codes, and although systems and formats vary, the common trait is that they all make the postman’s job a little easier.

For the past few years Tanzania did not use zip code and it was advised by worldpostalcode to use 00000 or other random numbers if it’s required for online forms which fail many times. TCRA has released the file comprise Dar es salaam Zip Code and all Tanzania region. Below is the list of all Zip codes. To get your location postcode easily please search your ward name on the search field provide above the table.

Dar es salaam Zip Code-Dar es salaam Postal Codes
Dar es salaam Zip Code

NOTE: All post code show below are as provided by The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).For more explanation and information please visit the offical website of TCRA here (https://www.tcra.go.tz/)

Check the full post code pdf as released b TCRA

  1. Arusha 23000 (Northern Zone)
  2. Dar Es Salaam 11000 (Costal Zone)
  3. Dodoma 41000 (Central Zone)
  4. Geita 30000 (Lake Zone)
  5. Iringa 51000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  6. Kagera 35000 (Lake Zone)
  7. Katavi 50000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  8. Kigoma 47000 (Central Zone)
  9. Kilimanjaro 25000 (Northern Zone)
  10. Lindi 65000 (Costal Zone)
  11. Manyara 27000 (Northern Zone)
  12. Mara 31000 (Lake Zone)
  13. Mbeya 53000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  14. Morogoro 67000 (Costal Zone)
  15. Mtwara 63000 (Costal Zone)
  16. Mwanza 33000 (Lake Zone)
  17. Njombe 59000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  18. Pwani 61000 (Costal Zone)
  19. Rukwa 55000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  20. Ruvuma 57000 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  21. Shinyanga 37000 (Lake Zone)
  22. Simiyu 39000 (Lake Zone)
  23. Singida 43000 (Central Zone)
  24. Songwe 54100 (Southern Highlands Zone)
  25. Tabora 45000 (Central Zone)
  26. Tanga 21000 (Northern Zone)

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