Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2022

Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2022

Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2022

Tanzania Telecommunication Corporations formerly known as Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL) was established by An Act of the Parliament, ‘The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Incorporation Act of 1993’The Company came into operation following a split of the former parastatal organization known as Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Company (TP&TC) and began operation on Jan 1, 1994.

The split was due to the government’s move to liberalize communications sector in the country, and due to this separation four parastatal entities were formed namely; The Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC), Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL), Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB), and Tanzania Communication Commission (TCC) now known as Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

TTCL is one of the telecomunication company that offers product and services at a very affordablr price. TTCL offers bundles packed with sufficiesnt Data, Voice and sms to cover users daily requirements.

Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2022
Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2022

TTCL offers highly converged packages for mobile voice and data, through your mobile device. Convergent ae packages are available on 4G LTE/3G networks and offer the best calling quality, fast connection time and connection rates.

Below are some of TTCL bundles (Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2021) that are currently provided by Tanzania Telecommunication Corporations


TTCL Bundle (Vifurushi Vya ttcl 2021) BENEFIT TO Users

  • Best voice quality
  • Reliable and Fast internet connection up to 100Mbps
  • Wide selection of service according to your budget
  • Affordable rates

To subscribe to any of ttcl bundle dial *148*30*35#

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