Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022

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Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022 | Age of Yanga Players 2022

Are you interested in the ages of Young African’s current players (Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022) If yes we have gathered all information for you here. Angalia hapa Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga pamoja na Majina yao halisi.

Young Africans Yanga is one of East Africa’s most successful football teams. The club’s players have won the most prestigious competitions in the domestic league and African competitions. Every Yanga Soccer club player is a special and unique talent. Most of them are young energetic men while others are old with a lot of experience in Football and a dream to play for Young Africans.

Throughout the club’s history, Yanga’s players have come from all different backgrounds and ages. Some of them were able to pass through different club’s youth system within the country and earn a spot on the first team, while others were given a chance after signing from other clubs. In total, there have been nearly 50+ players who have represented the club throughout the years.

First eleven ya Yanga Msimu wa 2021/2022

Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022

first eleven ya yanga | Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022

With a history dating back to 1935, Young Africans is one of the Tanzania’s most famous football clubs, with a global fanbase of nearly 1 million. The club’s latest stats and talisman including Feisal Toto and Mayele. Check out the ages of Young African’s current players and see how old they really are.

Umri Wa Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022

Player Position Umri
Juma Mahadhi midfield 25
Said Musa Bakari midfield 21
Yassin Mustapha Salumu defence 27
Dickson Nickson Job defence 21
Zawadi Mauya midfield 27
Geofrey Bahati Mwashiuya midfield 25
Djigui Diarra Goalkeeper 27
Ramadhani Awam Kabwili Goalkeeper 21
Nadir Haroub Ali Centre-Back 40
Abdallah Shaibu Centre-Back 23
Bakari Mwamnyeto Centre-Back 26
Mwinyi Mngwali Left-Back 30
David Bryson Left-Back 20
Djuma Shabani Right-Back 29
Mapinduzi Balama Right-Back 28
Juma Abdul Mnyamani Right-Back 29
Ally Kibwana Shomari Right-Back 21
Yannick Bangala Defensive Midfield 28
Khalid Aucho Defensive Midfield 28
Salum Abubakar Salum Defensive Midfield 33
Said Juma Defensive Midfield 26
Feisal Salum Central Midfield 24
Deus Kaseke Central Midfield 27
Salum Telela Right Midfield 29
Abdulaziz Makame Attacking Midfield 26
Saidi Ntibazonkiza Left Winger 35
Faridi Mussa Left Winger 25
Dickson Ambundo Left Winger 26
Heritier Makambo Left Winger 28
Chico Ushindi Right Winger 26
Ducapel Moloko Right Winger 24
Yacouba Songné Centre-Forward 30
Matheo Anton Simon Centre-Forward 27
Emmanuel Martin Centre-Forward 24
Ditram Nchimbi Centre-Forward 29
Fiston Mayele Centre-Forward 27

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