UCT NBT Requirements 2022

UCT NBT requirements 2022

UCT Admissions and placement tests have been used for over 30 years. The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) are administered by the Center for Educational Testing for Access and Placement (CETAP) on behalf of Universities South Africa (USAF). You can read previous UCT NBT test papers

UCT NBT Requirements 2022UCT NBT requirements 2022

The NBTP was commissioned in 2005 by HESA. In 2018, the project reached maturity as a standalone and self-funding project. The four core objectives listed below have remained a consistent thread in the evolution of the NBTP since inception:

  • To assess entry-level academic and quantitative literacy and mathematics proficiency of students;
  • To assess the relationship between higher education entry level proficiencies and school-level exit outcomes;
  • To provide a service to HE institutions requiring additional information to assist in placement of students in appropriate curricular routes; and
  • To assist with curriculum development, particularly in relation to foundation courses.
  • In essence, then, the NBTs are designed to provide criterion-referenced information to supplement the NSC results, and to help institutions to meet the educational needs of their incoming students as effectively as possible.

The Academic and Quantitative Literacy Test (3 hours) [The two sections of the Academic and Quantitative Literacy are reported separately]

  • Relevant to students ability to engage successfully with the requirements of academic study in the medium of instruction provided. The ability to manage situations or solve problems in a real context relevant to higher education study, using basic quantitative information that can be presented orally, graphically, in tabular or symbolic form.

The Mathematics Test (3 hours)

  • The test targets a student’s ability related to mathematical concepts formally regarded as part of the secondary school curriculum.

Note You must:

  1. write the NBTs by 2 October 2021
  2. write the NBTs by 31 August 2021 if you wish to be considered for a conditional offer in the Faculty of Health Sciences; if you write the NBTs after 31 August 2021, you will only be considered for an offer in early 2022 after your final examination results are received.
  3. register for the NBTs before you apply online (or before you submit a paper application form);
  4. include your NBT registration number in your application.

For registration and further information about the NBTs, dates and venues, please

  • visit www.nbt.ac.za
  • or tel: 021 650-3523

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