UAT PRO Update Version 136.02 Latest Setup Free Download

UAT PRO Update Version 136.02 Latest Setup Free Download

UAT PRO Update Version 136.02 is a powerful tool designed for window pc to unlock phones and flash them. The UAT PRO Update V136.02 Setup tool is extremely useful for fixing the majority of difficulties with Android devices, including flashing, IMEI repair, SIM network unlocking, and FRP reset for all Android devices. It also has features to remove BL unlocks/relock/Baseband fix all without the need to root your device!

UAT PRO Update Version 136.02 Latest Setup Free Download
UAT PRO Update Version 136.02 Latest Setup Free Download

UAT PRO Supporting  Devices

UAT PRO Update Version runs smoothly on

  • Windows XP,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8.1, and
  • Windows to 32  and 64 bit,
  • also Windows 11 and Other Panel.
UAT PRO Update Version Added Tecno MTK Models :
Tecno 8D Tecno POP 2 B1s
Tecno 8H Tecno POP 2 Plus
Tecno A6 Phantom Tecno Pop 2 Plus BA2
Tecno AX8 Tecno POP 2 Power B1P
Tecno C5 Tecno POP 2 Pro B2
Tecno C7 Tecno Pop 2F B1F
Tecno C7 Pro Tecno POP 2S RA8
Tecno C8 Tecno Pop 3 Plus BB2
Tecno C9 Tecno Pop 4 Air BC1
Tecno CA Tecno POP 4 BC2
Tecno CA7 Tecno Pop 4 LTE BC1s
Tecno CA8 Tecno POP 4 Pro BC3
Tecno Camon 11 CF7 Tecno Pop 5p BD3
Tecno CAMON 11 CF7K Tecno POP C4 Lte
Tecno Camon 11 Pro CF8 Tecno POP F2 B1f
Tecno Camon 12 Air CC Tecno Pouvoir 1 LA
Tecno Camon 12 Air KC3 Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air LB
Tecno Camon 12 CC7 Tecno Pouvoir 2 LB
Tecno Camon 12 Pro CC9 Tecno Pouvoir 2 Pro LA7
Tecno Camon 14 CB7 Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air LC
Tecno Camon 15 Air CD Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air LC6A
Tecno Camon 15 Pro CD8 Tecno Pouvoir 3 LB7
Tecno Camon 16 CE7 Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8
Tecno Camon 16 Premier CE9 Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8a
Tecno Camon 16 Pro CE8 Tecno Pouvoir 4 LC7
Tecno Camon 16S CD6j Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro
Tecno Camon 17 Tecno Pova 2
Tecno Camon 17 CG6j Tecno Pova LD7
Tecno Camon 17 Pro CG8 Tecno PP7E-DLA1
Tecno Camon 17P Tecno PP7F Pro
Tecno Camon 17P CG7n Tecno R
Tecno Camon 18 P CH7 Tecno R7
Tecno Camon 18 Premier CH9n Tecno R7 Plus RC
Tecno Camon C7 Tecno R8O
Tecno Camon CM CA Tecno R8S
Tecno Camon CM CA6S Tecno RA
Tecno Camon CX Tecno RA6S
Tecno Camon i 2 / iD5A Tecno S1E Pro
Tecno Camon i 2X / ID5B Tecno S1M
Tecno Camon I Air IN3 Tecno S1S
Tecno Camon I IN5 Tecno S1S Pro
Tecno Camon i4 CB7j Tecno S2 SA1
Tecno Camon iACE 2x KB2j Tecno SA1
Tecno Camon iAce IN1 Tecno SA1S
Tecno Camon iAir 2 ID3K Tecno SA3
Tecno Camon iAir 2+ ID3k Tecno SA6S
Tecno Camon iClick 2 ID Tecno Spark 2 KA7
Tecno Camon iClick IN Tecno Spark 2 KA7O
Tecno Camon iSky 3 KB3 Tecno Spark 3 KB7
Tecno Camon iSky IN2 Tecno Spark 3 KB7J
Tecno Camon iSky2 IN1 Pro Tecno Spark 3 Pro KB8
Tecno Camon X CA7 Tecno Spark 4 Air KC
Tecno Camon X Pro CA8 Tecno Spark 4 Air KC1J
Tecno Camon X Pro CA8S Tecno Spark 4 KC2
Tecno CE7J Camon 16 E7j Tecno SPARK 4 KC2 KC8
Tecno CH7n Tecno Spark 4 KC2J
Tecno CX Air Tecno Spark 4 KCB
Tecno D7 Tecno Spark 4 Lite BB4k
Tecno Droidpad 10D P904 Tecno Spark 5 Air KD
Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II Tecno Spark 5 Air KD6A
Tecno DroiPad 7D P701 Tecno Spark 5 KD7H
Tecno DroiPad 7F P703 Tecno Spark 5 KD7S
Tecno F1 Tecno Spark 5 Pro KD7
Tecno F2 Tecno Spark 6 Air KE
Tecno F2 LTE Tecno Spark 6 Air KE6j
Tecno F3 Tecno Spark 6 Air KF
Tecno F4 Tecno Spark 6 Go KE5j
Tecno F7 Phantom A+ Tecno Spark 6 Go KE5k
Tecno H5 Tecno Spark 6 KE7
Tecno I3 Tecno Spark 7
Tecno I3 Pro Tecno Spark 7 KF6h
Tecno I5 Tecno Spark 7 KF6i
Tecno I5 Pro Tecno Spark 7 KF6j
Tecno I7 Tecno Spark 7 KF6kS
Tecno IN Tecno Spark 7 KF6n
Tecno IN1 Tecno Spark 7 pro KF8
Tecno IN2 Tecno Spark 7P
Tecno IN5 Tecno Spark 7T
Tecno J5 Tecno Spark 8
Tecno J7 Tecno Spark 8 KG
Tecno J8 Tecno Spark 8P
Tecno K8 Tecno Spark GO 2020 KE5
Tecno K9 Tecno Spark GO KC1
Tecno KA7 Tecno SPARK Go KC1h
Tecno KA7O Tecno Spark Go Plus BB4K
Tecno KC1 Tecno Spark K7
Tecno KC8 Tecno Spark Pop 5
Tecno KG5 Tecno Spark Pro K8
Tecno L Tecno Spark Youth KA
Tecno L5 Tecno W2
Tecno L8 Tecno W3
Tecno L8 Lite Tecno W3 Pro
Tecno L8 Plus Tecno W3-LTE
Tecno L9 Tecno W4
Tecno LA Tecno W5
Tecno LA7 Tecno W5 Lite
Tecno LD7j Tecno WX3
Tecno M7 Tecno WX3 LTE
Tecno M9 Tecno WX3F LTE
Tecno N8S Tecno WX3P
Tecno N9 Tecno WX4
Tecno NX R8O Tecno WX4 Pro
Tecno P5S Tecno Y2
Tecno P9 Tecno Y3
Tecno Phantom 5 Tecno Y3 Plus H721
Tecno Phantom 8 Tecno Y3S
Tecno Phantom 9 AB7 Tecno Y3S Plus
Tecno Phantom X Pro AC8 Tecno Y4
Tecno POP 1 Pro F3Pro Tecno Y6
Tecno POP 1s F4
Tecno Pop 1S Pro F4 Pro Black view
Tecno POP 2 B1 BV9800 Pro

UAT PRO Update Version 136.02 Latest Setup Free Download

UAT PRO Update Version Compatibility: The program is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. (32 bit and 64 bit).

Take a Backup: Before using the aforementioned utility, please make a backup of your personal data from your Android smartphone or tablet. Because flashing any Firmware or recovery might brick the device.

Credits: The developer created and released UAT PRO Update Version. As a result, full credit goes to the creator for providing the utility for free.

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