Tumaini University Fee Structure 2022/2023 Pdf

Tumaini University Fee Structure 2022/2023 Pdf

Tumaini University Fee Structure is a document with chart or list highlighting the rates on various Tumaini University services or activities. A fee structure lets students know what to expect when admitted with a particular collage/university. If you have been selected to join Tumaini University you should always examine a Tumaini University Fee Structure to make sure that you find it satisfactory and affordable before deciding to join into selected course.

Tumaini University Fee Structure 2022/2023 Pdf
Tumaini University Fee Structure 2022/2023 Pdf

Candidates selected to pursue the various programmes offered by the Tumaini University are required to pay tuition and other University fees by the beginning of the first semester before they can be permitted to use the University facilities. The fees once paid are not refundable

It is the responsibility of the student to pay University tuition and fees in full at the beginning of the respective semester. No student will be registered for the semester without payment of fees at the beginning of the semester.

What Does Tumaini University Fee Structure Pdf Includes?

Tumaini University Fee Structure 2022/2023 Pdf is loaded with all services charge that a student must pay to be admitted into Tumaini University programme. These charges includes the followings

  • Application Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • Examination Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • Caution Money
  • Student Union Fees
  • Student ID Card

Tumaini University Fee Structure 2021-2022 Pdf Download

Download Tumaini University Fee structures for academic year 2021-2022 using the button below

Fees Structure for Certificate Programmes

A. STUDENT FEES Semester 1 Semester 2
Tuition Tanzanian 300,000 300,000
Tuition International 625,000 625,000
Industrial Practical Training 100,000
Examinations Fee 50,000
Caution Deposit 50,000
Computer Facilities 30,000 30,000
Admission Fee 30,000
TCU Fee{Quality Assuarance Fee} 20,000
Student Identity Card 10,000
 Law Society Contribution(Law Students Only) 10,000 10,000
Graduation Fee 25,000
Academic Transcript Fee 10,000
Student Activity Fee 9,000 9,000
Total Fees {Tanzanian} 509,000 484,000
Total Fees {Non Tanzanian} 834,000 709,000
Application Fee       10,000
Estimated Student Allowances Semester 1 Semester 2
Accommodation {Tanzanian} 150,000 150,000
Accommodation {Non-Tanzanian} 200,000 200,000
Medical Insurance {Tanzanian} 50,400
Medical Insurance {Non-Tanzanian} 100,800
Books and Stationery supplies 200,000 200,000
Meals 1,071,000 1,071,000
Total 1,772,200 1,621,000

Tumaini University Fee Structure pdf download | For Tumaini University Fee Structure for Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate, Masters And Phd Programmes download TUMA Fee structure full document Below

TUMA Fee structure Pdf Download

Open the downloaded document and browser to page 55 to see all fee structures

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