Top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

Top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

Did you know there are scarily weird phone numbers hidden all over the world? Yes, you heard me right cursed numbers you should never call exist! When you’re lost and alone late at night, you might think that calling a friend or a loved one would be the best way to get back on track. And sometimes at least once in our teenage, we called unknown numbers just to make fun of them. We’ve all heard the rule about not answering the call if an unknown number calls, but there are apparently phone numbers that are even more harmful if you do contact them.

Here we have a collection of top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call that will melt your brain as soon as you call them.

 Top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call
Top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

There are a lot of weird numbers that people like to call. These numbers are tied to unsolved murders, mysterious disappearances of people, or bizarre historical events. Some stories these phone calls link with have been debunked as urban legends – but they’re still pretty interesting and thrilling for daredevils who sometimes make the calls! What would happen if you called one? Well we don’t know yet, but we challenge you to a once-in-a-lifetime dare with these numbers and let us know what happens in the comments section.

1. 666 666 6666 : American Spooky Number

The number of the devil. This number does not show up on the phone bills. When you ring this number, a hollow voice and a lot of static in the background are heard. Many Americans, as well as a few others from other areas of the globe, believe that this number is a demonic number.

top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call
top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

Many folks have had strange experiences after dialing this number. Few people claim to have received strange messages and heard strange sounds. According to accounts, the numbers were also missing from their phone bills. If you are daring, this 666 666 6666 should be on your list of scary numbers to call in 2022.

2. 1- 000-000-0000 Dead’s number Asia

top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call
top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

People in Asia think it is the number of the deceased. If he calls, it means that your departed loved one wants to communicate with you; thus, break up with the spirit before you get harmed. The male voice asks you to phone 15 individuals or perish within a week for rejecting his orders.

3. 999-9999 Thailand

Another number that made into our list of Top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call is 999-999. 999-9999 is said to be a cursed number in Thailand, according to local tradition. If you call it and make a wish, your wish will be granted. However, you will die soon afterwards in a freak accident.

Some filmmakers are said to have created this “insane narrative” in order to promote a movie. There’s no telling what might happen if you call this scary phone number – you might travel to the future world or the past. But be careful – these journeys can have bittersweet consequences.

4. 0888 888 888: Bulgaria

This Bulgarian number claimed the lives of its three owners. These incidents rocked the entire country of Brazil, where the victims lived. The tale became more fascinating when the company that supplied the line permanently blocked it. The history of this phone number is not something to be proud of. The first owner died from cancer, the second and third men were killed on the streets – nobody wanted it after that.

5. 090 4444 4444 :Japan’s Cursed Phone Number

In Japan, the number 090 4444 4444 is known as the cursed phone number. Some say that if you call Sadako’s phone number.  well, let’s just say that at the end of seven days, your time on planet earth will be up.

I’ll admit that I haven’t phoned Sadako’s number Yet; there are many things I’ll do for research, but incurring scary long-distance charges calling Japan is not one of them (at least not right now) However, a number of YouTubers have attempted it, so there are plenty of videos to watch if you want to see a real call to Sadako in action.

The number has been linked with a series of accidents and deaths, which has given it its ominous reputation. The first recorded incident involving the number happened in 1992, when a woman was killed in a car accident.  The next year, a man was killed in a hit-and-run accident after he received a call from the number. In 2008, a woman was raped after accepting a call from 090 4444 4444. And in 2009, a man died after crashing his car into a telephone pole while talking on the phone.

Another thing that made this number to be considered cursed is due to the fact that there is a lot of superstition belief in Japan about the number 4. Both “yon” and “shi” are ways to say four, but there is another word in Japanese called “shi” that means death.

6. Red Number : Pakisthan

The Red Number case that originated in Pakistan really spooked the entire Pakistani population. In 2007, many people living in Pakistan began receiving emails and text messages from unknown numbers warning them against lifting up phone numbers with red colored digits because they damage the brain Nerves of Humans and even might kill them.

Red Number

It’s said, Red Numbers have been responsible for dozens of deaths. These numbers are not called “red” simply because of their literal color. They are called red because they have been responsible for the bloody deaths that people believe them to be associated with.

The rumor became so widespread that the Pakistani government requested an investigation into the details. Despite the fact that the Pakistani government dismissed the hypothesis following an investigation, the rumor had already spread throughout Pakistan and even into neighboring nations. The Red Number became an international phenomenon, and many people still believe it today.

7. 4086342806

The number is part of an urban legend, and it is said to be a “RED ROOM NUMBER” that is used to determine the geographical location of those who make or receive calls from this number. It might also be a haunted phone number!

If you are a brave and risk-taking individual who has things like getting abducted on your bucket list, dial this number.  You’ll be kidnapped, tortured, murdered, or both. The meetings are said to be live-streamed on the internet. It’s no wonder that it’s on the list of Top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call. If you’re wondering if I did try to call this number, the answer is no; I’m still a young star who wants to enjoy life on Earth.

8. (207) 404-2604

A number was flashed at the end of a trailer for the remake of Carrie. You might be able to contact Carrie herself if you dialed 1 (207) 404-2604. When you called this number, it swiftly disconnected and a different number called you back.

This new number, according to those who tested it, would call three times with different results each time. You’d hear bloodcurdling cries if you picked up the phone for the first time. The second time, you would hear foreboding singing. You’d be able to hear someone whispering the third time. At this moment, the phone number is said to have been disconnected.

Although this is technically a video game tie-in, “you don’t have to know anything about the game to enjoy the sheer oddity and vastness of what there is to listen to on this phone number,” as one Metafilter member put it. Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realism point-and-click adventure that has been regularly releasing episodes since 2013.

9. 1 (216) 333 1810: USA

When you dial 216 333 1810, would you hear a daughter pleading with her mother to save her life? The story further states that she gets locked in a room, and gunshot sounds fill the back end. Well, a popular rock band used this tactic to get the world’s attention. Call it now to find out the truth once and for all or check the video below.

10. 630-296-7536

Another scary phone number that made to our list of top 10 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Call is 630-296-7536. When you dial this number, Soon after the call connect, a woman’s voice will be heard on the other end telling you that your information is being traced and giving you an appointment for “a plan” to make changes in your life based on specifics of what they have planned. The way this lady describes what might happen sounds very creepy!

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