Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022 And Their Course Fee

Kenya is a country with many scenic driving routes. From the coastal roads to the mountain passes, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view while driving. But before you hit the open road, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. When you want to learn how to drive and confidently stay behind the wheel, a driving school can be the best option. But what are the Best Driving Schools in Kenya? If you’re looking for the best driving schools in Kenya, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have brought to you a list of some of driving schools that are considered to be the best in Kenya.

Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022
Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

Knowing how to drive safely is very important these days. There are many complex procedures needed for driving, so taking courses or enrolling at a professional driving school would equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge before getting behind the wheel yourself. 

A professional driving school can help you get acquainted with the basics of learning how to drive a car, Help you master driving skills with the help of an organised course structure and expert trainers and above all, such a driving school helps ensure that you become a skilled, confident, and responsible driver.

Which Driving School In Kenya is Best ?

There are many reputable driving schools in Kenya today. However, it’s worth noting that the top performing driving school of currently is AA Driving School which is located at Nairobi, Chuka, Eldoret, Kisii, Meru.

List Of Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

1. AA Driving School

Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya
Automobile Association of Kenya # Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

The Automobile Association of Kenya is not only the greatest but also the oldest driving school in Kenya. AA Kenya was founded in 1962 and now has 28 branches around the nation. AA House, located off North Airport Rd in Nairobi, serves as the organization’s headquarters and Buruburu office. This school has also branches  in Chuka, Meru, Kisii, and Eldoret.

At AA Kenya, you may receive your driver’s license for anywhere between Ksh 8,050 and Ksh 17, 000. Among the lessons imparted are:

  • Learner Driver Training
  • Refresher Driving Course -for inexperienced drivers holding a driving license
  • Driver Competence Assessment of experienced drivers for proficiency before employment as well as enhancing safety on the road.
  • Plant and Equipment Operators Assessment like forklifts and tractors
  • Advance Driving Course – for practicing and experienced drivers that need to enhance practical driving skills

2. Rocky Driving School

Since the 1990s, Rocky Driving School has been providing driving lessons. The school has roughly ten branches, including the main office in Nairobi’s Factory Street Industrial Area. Harambee Avenue, Buruburu, Westlands, Kisumu, and Eldoret are among the other branches. Cars, buses, lorries, tankers, and motorbike drivers can all benefit from the institution’s driving instruction.

Rocky driving school fees offers different driver training whch include one that will get you  Class: E(Cars), BCE(Heavy commercials), FG (Motorbikes). This school charge around Ksh24,900 for the full driving course comprising of 20 lessons

3. Heltz driving school

This school is  located at Tom Mboya Street City Centre, Buru Buru, Donholm, Eastleigh, Embakasi, Harambee Avenue, Industrial Area, Kayole, Kiambu, Ngara, Ruaraka, Umoja, Utawala, Westlands and offer Classes- BCE (Light to heavy commercial vehicles), FG(Motorbikes) with a Price Range of  Kshs.6500-10500

Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022
Heltz Driving School # Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

Heltz Driving School is unquestionably one of Kenya’s top 5 best and oldest driving schools, having trained drivers for more than 36 years. The institution is most renowned for its commitment to service delivery openness and efficiency. The National Road Safety Award was given to Heltz Driving School in 2004, indicating the institution’s dedication to creating competent drivers.

Heltz is one of the most affordable driving schools in Kenya. Motorbike learners have to part with only Ksh 6,500 for 15 lessons. And if you’re looking for something that includes all types of vehicle courses – such as light cars, heavy commercial trucks- then it will cost you Ksh 10,500 which is still very affordable and absolutely worth every penny. The classes offered at Heltz go beyond just how to operate a vehicle; they also teach new drivers about how traffic works, road safety rules and regulations- providing them invaluable knowledge before they venture out onto the streets on their own for good!

4. Petanns Driving School

Petanns Driving School is well-known for its practical approach to driving instruction. The institution is primarily focused with improving trainees’ practical skills. With more than 70 branches around the country, the school is well-established. It now operates in at least 12 counties and plans to grow. Petanns driving school has its headquarters in Nairobi’s city center, Capital House. Githurai, Kiambu, Kasarani, Mwiki, and Kikuyu all have Petanns branches. The school mostly serves students who live in cities, although it also has a number of outlying branches.

Petanns driving school

Petanns has not shied away from its social obligation as a corporation. Road users have been involved in road safety programs and individual/corporate training by the driving school. Churches, CDFs, NGOs, and a variety of other big organizations benefit from Petanns teaching through the school’s mobile training program. This is a much-welcomed incentive, since Kenyan highways have had to witness several incidences of road tragedy on a daily basis. The majority of traffic accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers who lack sufficient training. The following are some of Petanns Driving School’s most notable features:

  • Accreditation by the NTSA
  • Incorporation of a new curriculum
  • A large fleet of vehicles

5. Seniors Driving School

Seniors Driving School is one of Nairobi’s top driving schools. It has become one of Kenya’s fastest growing driving schools, with an aim to enhance the quality of road usage via excellent teaching and instructions. There are more than 20 branches of the institution, and thousands of students have graduated from them. The Association of Kenya Insurers awarded Seniors Driving School the Road Safety Award in 2011. The Central, Eastern, Chania, Western, Kajiado, and Thika Superhighway areas all have Seniors Driving School branches.

Seniors Driving School provides more classes at a lower price. The theoretical lessons are unrestricted to guarantee that students are prepared to take the government exam. Furthermore, the school provides refresher training for drivers who want to improve their abilities. The course is adapted to the clients’ specific requirements. As is customary, the school has moved its focus to defensive driving, which is a course that teaches students how to drive safely in order to save lives, time, and money.

6. Glory Driving School

Glory Driving School
Glory Driving School In Kenya

Glory Driving School is the leading provider of driving lessons in Kenya.  Glory Driving School offer a wide range of services, including classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training, and online learning. The school mission is to help our students become safe, responsible drivers.

Glory Driving School opened in 1985, soon after they had established their first branch at Re-Insurance Plaza along Harambee Avenue that is Harambee Road near Nairobi Central Business District. They have many other offices around Nairobi and its surroundings.

The driving school is located in accessible places and plans to expand its operations to regions that have yet to be covered. It provides consumers with high-quality instruction at a cheap price. Practical, mechanical, and theoretical work are all part of the learning process, which has gained the institution regional distinction. As a consequence of its efforts in enlightening Kenyans and pupils about the importance of road safety, the driving school was given a trophy for Kenya Road Safety Award. More than one million students have graduated from Glory Driving School as certified and skilled drivers.

The school has added more modules to the curriculum in addition to fundamental driving and motorbike riding. The modules are as follows:

  • Emergency first aid
  • Driving automatic cars
  • Vehicle mechanical course
  • Defensive as well as advanced driving skills

7. Top Gear Driving School.

Top Gear Driving School. 
Top Gear Driving School. 

If you’re looking for a driving school that can teach you the art of driving at a Ksh17,900 for 30 lessons., Top Gear Driving School is the place for you. They have been teaching car driving lessons in Kenya for over 10 years now and helped thousands of people perfect their skills behind the wheel. The school’ Goal is to help our customers learn to drive safely so that they can feel confident on their journey ahead.

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8. Imperial Driving School

10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya
  Imperial Driving School # Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022

Imperial Driving School provides drivers with many different services. Their goal is to become a single-point resource for all driving needs. They offer competitive, practical driver training programs designed to meet or exceed Kenyan standards for obtaining a Driver’s License.

Driving training program at Imperial takes 1 month (40 Lessons- 20 theory & 20 Practicals). This means that you can earn a Class of your choice in driving license in four weeks(One Month). Our approach means that most of your driving instruction time is spent in the School; either on our closed course or on the road. And individual instruction means that you get quick answers and valuable driving experi ence. The cost of our entire program is affordable. This includes instruction, licensing and all endorsements. There are no hidden or additional costs.

9. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School

Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022
Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Kenya 2022 # Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School

If you want to improve your driving skills, then you need to check out the Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School offers both Beginners and Advanced course and is the only company in Africa that provides internationally accredited advanced driving and E-Learning courses.

Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School is Located in Nairobi, Kenya, with over 15 years of experience navigating the perilous roads of Africa and around the world. Develop your road skills at our purposely-built driver training facility or try one of our comprehensive online courses.

10. Premier Driving School

Their higher-end charges are Ksh17,900. It also ranked in the top 10 list of the best driving schools in Kenya in 2022 and their fees are affordable.

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