Technical University Of Kenya TUK Student Portal

Technical University Of Kenya TUK Student Portal

You are in the right place if you want to know how to use the Technical University Of Kenya TUK Student Portal Login. You may not be familiar with the portal or how to use it.

If you are looking for instructions on how to use it, keep reading. You may use the portal to view your grades, schedule, financial aid information, and more. You can also use the portal to track your progress.

In case you are a student or a parent at Technical University Of Kenya, this student portal can help you register for school and get information and materials at your fingertips. You’ll find out about all your classes and schedules, as well as financial aid, details about other schools, and the latest news here. We have listed everything you need to get started.

Requirements to Use the Portal

You must be a current Technical University Of Kenya student, be currently enrolled at Technical University Of Kenya, and possess a valid Technical University Of Kenya username and password in order to access the Student Portal.

What can be done with TUK student Portal?

There are number of activities that Technical University Of Kenya Student, Graduate or staff can perform in student portal. This activities includes

  • TUK Course Registration
  • TUK Fees payment
  • Checking your semester result
  • Viewing your TUK Admission status and admission letter printing
  • Acceptance fee payment
  • Downloading your TUK transcript
  • Keeping track of the semester academic calendar
  • Applying for extra credit hours
  • Deferment of Admission

How to login into the Technical University Of Kenya Student Portal

  • You may sign in to the portal from any computer if you meet the requirements listed above.
  • Visit
  • After the above link opens, you will see the Login page as shown below.

Technical University Of Kenya TUK Student Portal

  • There you must enter your username and password.
  • You can do any of the academic activities once you’ve checked in.

How Do You Reset Your Forgotten TUK Student Portal Password?

If you provided your username or email address when registering for classes, you will receive an email with instructions on how to regain access if your password is forgotten.

ABOUT US: The Technical University of Kenya shares history with the development of the first three higher education institutions in East Africa. In the 1920s there were heightened agitations for the expansion of access to higher education by indigenous leaders in the East African Territories.

Concerted efforts in the form of committees, commissions and conferences resulted in positive developments that included the elevation of Makerere Institute of to Makerere University College of the University of London in 1949, proposal to establish the Royal Technical College of East Africa (RTCEA) in Nairobi was approved and construction started on 25th January 1952 and establishment of Dar es Salaam University College in 1961.

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