Form Five Selection 2022/2023

Tamisemi Form Five Selection 2022/2023

Form Five Selection 2022/2023 is a list of students selected to join different advanced secondary schools according to the marks achieved in the 2021 Form four academic examination. The whole selection process is conducted by Tamisemi (PO-RALG) President’s Office, Regional Administration, and the Local Government in Tanzania. This process began as soon as the release of form four results.

If you completed form four in 2021 and get three credits or more from your form four results then you should rest assured, Form five selection 2022 will soon be announced. Meanwhile, we have created this article to help you with all details you need to know about how you can get Tamisemi Form Five Selection 2022/2023 pdf.

About Tamisemi: The Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government (MRLAG) was established by Article 8 (1) 145 and 146 in the 1977 Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania. In 1982, the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania passed the Local Government No 7 (Cap 287) Act and the City Authorities Act No. 8 (Cap 288), giving the Minister dealing with regional and local government authority over the establishment of District, Village, Minor, and Local Authorities.

In 1990, the Ministry was renamed “The Local Government Ministry, Social Development, Cooperation and Marketing.” In 1998, the work of the Ministry was transferred to the Prime Minister’s office, renamed the Ministry for Regional and Local Governance (MRLG), and its work divided amongst two departments, one each for Regional and Local Government.

In November 2000, the MRALG’s work was transferred to the Presidential Office, becoming the PORALG. Five years later in December 2005, the Ministry was transferred back to the Prime Minister’s Office before returning to the Office of the President in 2015.

Tamisemi Form Five Selection 2022/2023

Form five selection pdf is a document with list of students who are allocated to join different government advanced level schools. According to NECTA a student must score three credit form his/her o-level final Necta examination for him to be considered into advanced level schools. If you did not meet this requirement then you should consider other alternative as there is high chance for your name not to appear on the coming form five selection list.

2021 Form four graduate in Tanzania are now on the wait to be allocated to Form Five schools. The first-round selection of students selected to join Form 5 is likely to be announced in May or June 2022, according to reports. As a result, the second-round selections are expected to be announced around September.

Where to download the complete list of students selected to join Advanced secondary schools in Tanzania 2022/2023

Form five selection 2022 and Joining instructions will be announced and posted on the TAMISEMI – President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) officiall website or Ministry of Education, Science and Technology website

All 2021 form four graduates that pass their four form exam and the met minimum requirement or parents can check the schools in which they have been selected to take their advanced level education or technical colleges simply by visit any of the site listed below. |

How To Check Form Five Selection 2022/2023 From Tamisemi Website

  • Visit the TAMISEMI official website;
  • Find the ‘announcement’ tab on the home-page.
  • Check for the new updates related to the selection form five 2022/2023 academic year
Form Five Selection 2022/2023
Form Five Selection 2022/2023
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