Sugar price in Tanzania Per Kg | Bei Ya Sukari Tanzania 2022

Sugar price in Tanzania Per Kg | Bei Ya Sukari Tanzania 2022

Sugar is an important part of the cookery. In fact it is an important part of food in general. In most of our kitchen Sugar plays very important part. It is a vital ingredient for many dishes. Whether sweet or savoury sugar can be used as an ingredient in any meal you choose. Despite what you may think sugar is not just for making desserts.

Who doesn’t enjoy cake? or a nicely done bakery? We all enjoy them, and in case you didn’t know, sugar is one of the main ingredients used for baking and cooking foods. When sugar is added to baking recipes, it helps the batter for cookies and cakes to rise which makes them fluffy and delicious. Without sugar, the taste of food will not be the same. Sugar gives sweetness to a meal which is why people have been using it for so many years.

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As far as the price of sugar is concerned, the supply and demand for sugar changes frequently which cause frequently rise and fall in sugar price in Tanzania. It is, after all, a sweet commodity. Sugar costs can change daily or even hourly due to worldwide developments in production and consumption. Here we’ll provide you with sugar price range that have been used in different shop across the country.

Sugar price in Tanzania Per Kg | Bei Ya Sukari Tanzania 2022
Sugar price in Tanzania Per Kg | Bei Ya Sukari Tanzania 2022

In Tanzania, the average price of sugar is currently 2,800Tsh in various retailers, however a kilogram of sugar can cost up to 3000Tsh in some areas. As previously stated, sugar prices (Bei Ya Sukari Tanzania 2022) fluctuate on a daily basis, however since 2019, the sugar price range has been 2,600Tsh to 3,000Tsh.

List of Sugar Factories in Tanzania | Viwanda Vikubwa Vya Sukari Tanzania

  • Kilombero Sugar Company Ltd

Kilombero Sugar Company Ltd is located in Morogoro Region in Districts of Kilombero and Kilosa. Kilombero (KI) known as Msolwa is located in Kilombero District and Kilombero (KII) known as Ruembe is located in Kilosa Ditrict. Kilombero Sugar Company was privatized to Illovo Sugar Limited which acquired 75% and retaining 25% to the Government

  • TPC Limited

TPC Limited was established in early 1930s by company which was registed in Denmark in the name of Tanganyika Planting Company limited. The company was registered in Tanzania as TPC on 29th June 1973 and shareholders remained the same M/s A.P.Moller of Denmark.

Sukari Investment Company Ltd purchased 75% of shares of TPC limited in March 2000, and became the majority shareholders of the company; the government retained the remaining 25%. Sukari Investment Company Ltd, is registered in Mauritius and is owned by one Mauritius Company and French company, Deep river –Beau champ Limited and Quartier Francais.

  • Mtibwa Sugar Estates Ltd

Mtibwa Sugar Estates Ltd is located at 38E-6S in Turiani Division, 102km north of morogor town and 290 km from Dar-Es-Salaam. It occupies an area of more than 6000 ha of land, the estate has two rain seasons; the short rains are receives from October and December while the long rains are from March to May. The company was privatized in 1999, and purchased by Tanzania Sugar industries Ltd (TSIL) a local company incorporated in Tanzania.

  • Kagera Sugar Limited

Kagera Sugar Limited was privatized on 3rd December 2001 with the Government sale of 89.47% .before privatization Kagera Sugar Limited was non operative. The cane fields had reverted to bush and the factory its self was disuses and overgrown.

  • Manyara Sugar Company Limited

Manyara Sugar Company Limited is located on the foothills of the Rift Valley in the Manyara Region. The factory was a vision of the founding directors of the factory and was formed in 2005. The factory has grown symbiotically with the available sugarcane where the capacity of the mill has always been greater than the available sugarcane in the area. In order to address the sugarcane scarcity, the factory initiated a contract based, mutually-beneficial out growers program in 2010- involving small scale farmers, whereby the factory prepares the land, provides the seed and transport as well as interest free loans to enable the small scale farmers and encourage sugarcane farming.

Viwanda Vikubwa Vya Sukari Tanzania
Viwanda Vikubwa Vya Sukari Tanzania

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