Sua Fee Structure Pdf Download 2022/2023

Sua Fee Structure Pdf Download 2022/2023

Sua Fee Structure Pdf Download 2022/2023 For Undergraduate Degree Programmes, Fee structure for Postgraduate Degree Programs, SUA Fee Structure for Certificate and Diploma Courses

Sua Fee Structure 2021/2022 Pdf is a document with chart or list highlighting the rates on various Sokoine University of Agriculture services or activities. A fee structure lets students know what to expect when admitted with a particular collage/university. If you have been selected to join Sokoine University of Agriculture you should always examine a Sua Fee Structure 2021/2022 to make sure that you find it satisfactory and affordable before deciding to join into selected course.

Sua Fee Structure Pdf Download 2022/2023
Sua Fee Structure Pdf Download 2022/2023

Candidates selected to pursue the various programmes offered by Sokoine University of Agriculture are required to pay tuition and other University fees by the beginning of the first semester before they can be permitted to use the University facilities. The fees once paid are not refundable

What Does Sokoine University of Agriculture Fee Structure Pdf Includes?

Sua Fee Structure 2021/2022 Pdf is loaded with all services charge that a student must pay to be admitted into Sua programme. These charges includes the followings

  • SUA Application Fee
  • SUA Tuition Fee
  • SUA Examination Fee
  • SUA Registration Fee
  • SUA Caution Money
  • SUA Student Union Fees
  • Student ID Card

Sua Fee Structure Pdf Download 2022/2023

Some of the fee student required to pay to be admitted into Sokoine University Of Agriculture

S/N Item Tanzanian  Students (TShs) Foreign Students (US$)
1 Application fee (paid only once) 20,000 30
2 Mature age entry examination (applicable for Tanzanians only) 20,000
3 Student union fees per year 5,000 10
4 Registration fee per semester 1,500 5
5 Examination fee per semester 12,500 15
6 Library costs per year 40,000 60
7 Graduation (Paid once for finalist only) Graduation cost
*Certificate fee 20,000 20
*Final transcript fee 20,000 20
20,000 20
8 Caution Money (paid by in semester 1) 20,000 *30
9 Medical fees per semester 50,000 100

Click on the link below to check Sokoine University of Agriculture Fee structures for academic year 2021-2022


If you have any query or you would like to know more about Sokoine University Of agriculture you can use the contact details below to contact Sua Administration

Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P.O. Box 3000, Chuo Kikuu,
Morogoro -Tanzania
Tel. + 255 23 2603511-4.
Telefax: + 255 23 2640021

Campus College of Agriculture (CoA)
P.O. Box 3001, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro- Tanzania
Tel. + 255 23 2604649
Fax: + 255 23 2604649.

Campus College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH)
P.O. Box 3024, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro.
Tel. + 255 23 2640020;Fax: + 255 23 2604646

School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SAEBS)
P.O. Box 30007, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro -Tanzania.
Tel.+ 255 23 2603415

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism (CFWT)
P.O. Box 3009, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro- Tanzania
Tel. + 255 23 2604648
Fax: + 255 23 2604648.

About Sua: Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is a public University based in Morogoro Tanzania. The university is located on the slopes of the Uluguru mountains. Sokoine University of Agriculture was established on the 1st July 1984 by parliamentary Act No.6 of the same year, which was repealed by the Universities Act No.7 of 2005 from which the SUA charter was granted in 2007.

SUA is best known for offering courses and programmes widely in a field of Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Forestry, Animal Science, Wildlife Management, Tourism Management, Environmental Science, Food Science, Natural Resources, Nutrition, Rural Development, since its establishment.

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