STATS SA HR Recruitment Database

STATS SA HR Recruitment Database

STATS SA HR Recruitment Database. Stats SA will recruit field workers across the country through an online recruitment database where potential candidates can apply for available contract work that includes data collection from respondents and other activities involved in the pre-enumeration, census and post-enumeration phases.

STATS SA HR Recruitment Database
STATS SA HR Recruitment Database

STATS SA HR Recruitment Database Functions

  1. The Stats SA HR Recruitment Database is used to identify potential candidates for short-term contract positions for a variety of Stats SA projects, including the census and various surveys.
  2. When a project arises, we need people from specific areas to work on that project. This is why we ask for your address when you register.
  3. The HR personnel put the criteria into the HR Recruitment Database, which gives them a list of potential candidates. The criteria will differ according to what is required for different projects.
  4. For projects, we use SMSes to contact
    candidates, and will follow-up telephonically.
  5. The SMS will ask if you are still available to be employed, and ask you to respond with your unique code that you got when you registered. You can retrieve your unique code from the HR Database Recruitment system.
  6. If you respond, you will then be given the details of where and when to come in for the competency test or training, depending on the project. Please bring the following documents with you: certified copies of ID, matric certificates and driver’s license (where applicable). A.If the position requires driving ability, a driving competency test will also be administered.
  7. After the competency test or training,
    you will be informed whether or not you have been successful.
  8. The HR personnel will fill you in on what is expected of you, the duration of your contract, and the remuneration/salary (this will differ per position)
  9. You will be issued with the necessary tools to do your job. You will need to return all the Tools that have been issued to you in order to be paid.

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