SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration

SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Adminstration

SARIS ITA Stand for Student Academic and Registration information system by the Institute Of Tax Administration. SARIS ITA is used to record University academic data that can capture, process and generate reports needs the management to approve examination results and transcripts.

What Can Be Done With ITA SARIS?

This system helps student to perform the following online:

Register student particulars (once)
Register semester courses
Update registered courses
Edit/Update some of personal particulars
View semester results
Send queries/problems to the appropriate faculty/directorate/Unit
View fee payment status and statements for each academic year
View University announcements

The ITA student academic registration information system is run via a web-based application system which must be used by each and every student who wish to enroll for any courses in TRA Institute Of Tax Administration. Here we will give you step-by-step instructions to enable you to familiarize yourself with the SARIS ITA system and provide an explanation of the activities/functions in the Student Unit.

SARIS ITA Registration Guide

For better results we recommend you to use one of the browser listed below when accessing the system

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google crome
  • Opera

Accessing ITA Student Academic and Registration information system

To register yourself on Institute Of Tax Administration Student Academic and Registration information system visit Institute Of Tax Administration official website via >><<

On Home page scroll down until you see “student life” on the right sidebar of the website, then from there click on “ICT services

SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration

There after after you will be redirected to another page. Once the page load completely click on “SARIS” on the left as shown below

SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration
Institute Of Tax Administration SARIS

Soon After you complete the step above you will e taken to SARIS ITA Login page.


You can Access Institute Of Tax Administration SARIS directly simply by click on the link below

>>>Institute Of Tax Administration SARIS Page<<<

SARIS ITA Registration

If you have recently been accepted into the Institute of Tax Administration and it is your first time to access the Saris system, you should start by registering yourself in the system. To do this, click on “Create New” on the saris page opened after the above stage.

There after, registration form (shown below) will appear and you must fill in required information correctly then Hit “Submit

ita saris registration

Proceed by following on screen guide until you successful fill all required information.

After completing Registration a success message will appear and you will be directed to the login screen, to start using system with your username (your Registration number) and password (created in when registering)


For REGISTERED USERS (After registering your particulars)

After completing first time part of registration process, you are now ready to start using the system.You will be required to follow the above procedure to access the the system login page.

SARIS ITA Login page direct link >>>>><<<<<

There after you will be required to provide your username and password to login into your account.

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