Salary Slip Portal register | salary slip online

Salary Slip Portal register | salary slip online

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Salary Slip Portal register | salary slip online
Salary Slip Portal register | salary slip online


Salary Slip Portal Tanzania 2020/2021 Salary Slip portal provides a totally new way for Tanzanian government employees to apply Payslip online. The online payslip service can be utilized in many ways.

Salary Slip Portal is a system designed by Tanzanian Government for their employees and servants. Thus, the system aims above all to facilitate the task of government employees regarding the online payslip. The salary slip, also known as a payslip, is provided to employees to record their payroll and monthly allowances.

It is a document that makes the employees aware of their incomes and deductions as it would differ from employee to employee. In this article, we look at Salary Slip Portal Tanzania by Tanzania Government Provided by Ministry of Finance and Planning (

Salary Slip Portal register | salary slip online ( information

The process of signing up to the Tanzania Salary Slips Portal is quite straightforward. However, you must provide certain personal information to register. Below are the details you need to keep ready before you apply for the online payslip portal registration.

The information and key points you need to register for the payslip portal are as shown below:

    • Check number
    • Your names
    • Date of birth
    • Vote (for example 88Z2)
    • Subvote (eg 5007)
    • Account your bank account
    • Salary Scale (full of TGTS, TGS, n.k)
    • Salary Grade (filling B, C, D, E, e.g.)
    • Salary Step (will fill 1,2,3 nk). When Successfully registered, you will be redirected to the next page to fill it out
      • Phone number
      • email address
      • Password
    • Keep ready these things so you can get registration easily.

To access your online payslips, you must first register and provide an email address. You can get your payslip through the following links

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Membership Registration Form (Government Employee Only)

  • Ensure all your information are the same as in Lawson System
  • If you are not sure of your details, please contact your HR Officer
  • For further assistance contact 0689 70 00 96, 0714 00 89 11, or 0766 74 71 14
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