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#Ruaha Catholic University RUCU SIMS Login

Ruaha Catholic University Student Information System, also known as a RUCU Student Management System or RUCU SIMS, is a web-based application designed to help Ruaha Catholic University to monitor and manage all of their student information – everything from grades to homework and more. The great thing about having a student information system is that it can be completely integrated with other school’s existing computer software systems, allowing administrators to get more done in less time.

What exactly is a RUCU SIMS?

It is a computer-based system used by Ruaha Catholic University to collect, store, retrieve, and transmit student data on an ever-expanding number of subjects. This system helps student to perform the following online:

  • Register student particulars (once)
  • Register semester courses
  • Update registered courses
  • Edit/Update some of personal particulars
  • View semester results
  • Send queries/problems to the appropriate faculty/directorate/Unit
  • View fee payment status and statements for each academic year
  • View University announcements

Who Can Use RUCU SIMS And How?

The system offers different access to perform various function according to the login user. Different user get different access as shown below


  • Register for Courses online
  • View Course Progress and Results
  • Forums

Teaching Staff

  • View list of Students per Course
  • Publish Course Results
  • Track Students Progress/Reports


  • Payment Management
  • Configuration

RUCU SIMS Login Guide

To login to RUCU Sims Account Follow the steps listed below

Note; You can access the system with any browser but For better results we highly recommend that system users should use one of the following web browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google crome
  • Opera

Step 01. Open Ruaha Catholic University website (
Step 02. On the Homepage scroll down to the footer and click on “SIMS” located on the lower left corner as shown below

Ruaha Catholic University RUCU SIMS Login

Then you will be directed to ARIS login screen

Or Access The System with Direct Link Her>>LOGIN PAGE RUCU

Step 03. To start using system enter your username (your Registration number) and password

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