Ratiba Ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022 Fixtures

Ratiba Ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022 Fixtures

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Here we have brought to you updated Mapinduzi Cup 2022 Fixtures ( Ratiba Ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022 ). Check when your favorite team play and keep updated on All Mapinduzi Cup match catch-up with live results here at Ujuzitz.com

The Mapinduzi Cup is Zanzibar’s top knockout football tournament. Mapinduzi means a revolution in recognition the Zanzibar Revolution. This tournament created by the Zanzibar Football Federation to commemorate the Zanzibar Revolutionary Day, which takes place every January 12th.

The first edition of the cup was in 1998. However, the cup is played between Zanzibar clubs together with clubs from Tanzania mainland. Since 2013 clubs from Kenya and Uganda have been invited to take part occasionally. Along with the Zanzibari Cup and Nyerere Cup, the three tournaments are the three main knockout tournaments in Zanzibar. The maiden edition was won by Jamhuri F.C.

Ratiba Ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022 Fixtures
Ratiba Ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022

Hii hapa ratiba kamili ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022

Ratiba Ya Mapinduzi Cup 2022 Fixtures with Results

7 January 2022

Yanga 2 – 2 KMKM

6 January 2022

Yosso Boys 0 – 3 Meli 4 City Fc (Amani Stadium, Zanzibar)

Azam Fc 1 – 0 Namungo Fc

5 January 2022

Simba Sc 2 – 0 Selem Fc

Yanga sc 2 – 0 Jang’ombe Boys

4 January 2022

Namungo (Tanzania Bara) 2-0 Yosso Boys (Zanzibar) (Amani Stadium, Zanzibar 1615 Hours)

Azam Fc (Tanzania Bara) 1 – 0  Meli 4 City (Zanzibar) (Amani Stadium, Zanzibar 2015 Hours)

3 January 2022

Salem View (Zanzibar) 0 – 0  Mlandege (Zanzibar) (Amani Stadium, Zanzibar 1615 Hours)

Taifa Jang’ombe (Zanzibar)  1-2 KMKM (Zanzibar) (Amani Stadium, Zanzibar 2015 Hours)

2 January 2022

Namungo (Tanzania Bara)  2 – 1 Meli 4 City (Zanzibar) (Amani Stadium, Zanzibar 1615 Hours)


  • Azam FC
  • KMKM
  • Meli 4 City
  • Mlandege FC
  • Namungo FC
  • Selem View FC
  • Simba Sports Club
  • Taifa Jang’ombe
  • Yosso Boys FC
  • Young Africans
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