PNG Grade 8 Exam Results 2021 Online

PNG Grade 8 Exam Results 2021 Online | PNG Online Examination Results

PNG Grade 8 Exam Results 2021 Online | PNG Online Examination Results. The Grade 8 PNG exams have been developed by the Measurement Services Division of the National Department of Education.

Eighth graders sit for exams in three major subjects. These include English (Dictation and Written Expression are included), mathematics, and composite subjects (arts, personal development, science, social sciences, agriculture, technology).

The PNG Grade 8 Examination

The Grade 8 Examinations are provincial functions. This means, the conduct of Grade 8 Examinations, Distributions, marking, recording, selection of Grade 9 and printing of certificates are done in the provinces.

The Provincial Examination Supervisor (PES) for Grade 8 facilitates all these processes on behalf of the Provincial Education Division and the National Education Department.

How to Check PNG Grade 8 Exam Results 2021 Online?

If you are currently looking for the easy way you can ceck your PNG Grade 8 Exam Results 2021 Online then on this article we have brought to you simple steps you can follow to do so

  1. The Grade eight Examinations are marked in Provincial Centers
  2. Examination Marks are recorded on Student info Booklets (SIBs)
  3. PES uses a laptop package program known as LEPARD (Local Examination process and Results Database) to process the Grade eight Examination Results.
  4. Grade nine picks/selection are done on an equivalent LEPARD Program.
  5. Grade eight Certificates are printing using the equivalent program.
  6. Certificates and Results for every primary school are distributed to individual schools.
  7. Education Department doesn’t publish Grade eight Examination Results on-line as this can be provincial function.
  8. Students and parents/Guardian will check Grade eight Examination Results with their Provincial Examination Supervisor known as PES.
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