Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng |

Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng |

Every year when school starts back up, thousands of parents throughout Gauteng anxiously submit applications in hopes their children will be accepted into the schools they are zoned for. With such high demands each year, only a small percentage can be admitted.

If your students or a parent You can find all sorts of information about the Gauteng Department of Education Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng here.

Here we’ll provide you with all of the information you need about GDE Grade 8 Online Registration For 2022, including When does the GDE admissions cycle for 2023 begin and end? What is the current GDE placement period? & How to Register Online for Gauteng Grade 8 Learner?

Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng

The Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng is the process of applying for admission to public schools in the province of Gauteng. As part of this application, parents need to apply for admission to both grade 1 and 8 at their respective schools. The Gauteng Department of Education Administration is in charge of registering students for school (grades 1–8) in the Gauteng Province.

Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng |
Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng |

The Gauteng Department of Education is the Government Department responsible for matters related to education and the admission of learners to Public Ordinary Schools in the province.

Gauteng’s Department of Education is mandated to provide compulsory basic education for all learners in the province. The department also commits to providing a functional and modern school system that enables quality teaching and learning, promotes equality, protects the rights of each learner by offering relevant curriculums tailored to their needs as well as an environment where creative thinking can flourish.

When does the Online registration for Grade 8 2022 In Gauteng start and end?

GDE online application/registration for admission to Public Ordinary Schools in Gauteng province for grades 8 and 1 will begin on July 22, 2022. Parents must submit an application through the Gauteng Department of Education GDE admission site.

The deadline for submitting an application for GDE Grade 8 Online Registration for Public Ordinary Schools in Gauteng province is August 19, 2022.

Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng | How To Register Now

Below You will find instruction how how to start registration for the 2022/2023 Gauteng Department of Education grade 8 online registration along with all necessary information to help you complete registration.

Required documents

Parents and guardians will need to submit the following documents within seven days of applying:

  • Parent and Child ID or Passport
  • Refugee Permit
  • Asylum Seeker Permit
  • South African Birth Certificate
  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • Study Permit
  • Proof of Home Address
  • Proof of Work Address
  • Latest School Report and Clinic Card/Immunisation Report (Grade 1 only)

According to the Department, parents and guardians will have until August 26, 2022 (7 days after the application process finishes) to upload or submit their documentation.

Documents uploaded or submitted after the application period’s closing date, however, will be deemed incomplete applications and will only be placed at available schools from December 1-15, 2022.

This year, while applying, candidates will be able to select one of the available languages. It will show the Language of Learning and Teaching, as well as the home languages and other languages offered by each school.

Furthermore, unlike in past years, all GDE online admissions applicants will be allowed to apply to a school of their choosing using the application option they have chosen.

GDE Grade 8 Online Registration For 2022 Admission regulations

It must be noted that placement will be conducted as per the following admission regulations

  • Home address within feeder zone
  • Siblings
  • Work address
  • Within 30km Radius
  • Beyond 30km Radius

Getting Started Applying For The GDE Grade 8 Online Registration

When starting the online registration process for your child, you should follow these three important steps to ensure an accurate application. These steps includes

  • Accessing GDE Grade 8 Online Registration
  • Entering the parent/legal guardian’s information
  • Entering the learner’s information
  • Applying to Schools

Accessing GDE Grade 8 Online Registration Portal |

You can access the GDE Grade 8 Online Registration portal simply by visit the link >> And there click on the login button on the top menu

Entering the parent/legal guardian’s information

When you visit the GDE’s official website, the first thing you must do is click on the Apply for 2022 button or register by filling out the online form. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click I Accept. Then proceed to the next stage of the application procedure.

After that, you will continue to a page where you will be required to fill in your personal information before continuing onto the final stage of submitting your application for consideration.

When the “Enter Parent/Guardian Details” form opens, you must fill in every asterisk-marked field. The municipality, street name and number, your phone number, and so on are all essential.

Then you must input your South African ID number. You may leave the phone number and email address boxes blank.

You will be required to create a username and a password throughout the application process. This password will be required when you enter the main application.

The password must be unique and contain at least eight characters, which must include a capital letter, small letters, a special character, and numerals. Don’t forget to write it down and put it somewhere secure. You may, however, reset your password or username if you forget it.

Entering the learner’s information

On the following page, titled Enter Learners Details, you must:

  • Fill in your child’s details, including whether or not the learner is South African, his or her identity number, province, and current grade.
  • After you have completed all of the essential fields, click the “Submit Learner Details” button.

Applying to Schools

  • Choose an application option. In order to complete the third step, You will have to select one of the following options: Home Address, Sibling Name, Work Address, School Within 30 Kilometers, School Beyond 30 Kilometers or School Of Focus Learning
  • When you pick “home address” or “work address,” the system will automatically filter the schools and ask you to select one that is close to your home or job.
  • You can also apply to a school where your sibling is enrolled if you select the sibling option. You will need to provide personal details for both yourself and your sibling including name, surname, and school where your sibling study
  • If you want to find all nearby schools within the radius of your homes address, then use the option considering the school within or beyond 30-kilometer radius of home address
  • The last option you can opt for is “school of focus learning”, the list of such types of schools will pop up. The learner will have to complete admission tests.

Note: You can apply to a maximum of 5 schools per child. Follow the video guide below for Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng step by step guide

Most Asked Question About Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng

Below we have provided answers to the frequently asked question about the whole process of applying for schools in Gauteng

1. What age should my child be to enter Grade 1 in 2022?

Remember that the kid must be five (5) years old and becoming six (6) by June 30, 2022. You will be unable to apply for a kid under the age of this.

2. My child lacks documentation. Is it still possible for me to apply for him/her?

Yes, you are eligible to apply. Click on Undocumented “No SA ID” and proceed through the system steps.

3. Can I submit an application for more than one child?

Each parent may apply for up to three children each Grade. This implies that each parent can apply to Grade 1 for three separate students OR Grade 8 for three more students.

4. How can I apply for my twins/triplets to attend the same school in Grade 1 and Grade 8?

You will be able to submit two or three applications for twins or triplets using the system. It is important to note that the learners will be assigned to ONE PARENT because their birthdays are the same. TWINS/TRIPLETS will attend the same school.

5. How can I ensure that my child enrolls in school?

Apply to many schools that have a feeder zone that includes your home address. Make sure to submit certified copies of your home address and other needed papers to the system or present them to the school/schools to whom you applied.

6. I’m attempting to enter my address, but the location / address is incorrect

If your getting difficulty entering your address when doing Online registration for Grade 8 2022 Gauteng try the following steps to fix this

** Click the “Can’t find address?” button
** To proceed in more remote places (rural area/plot/farm OR informal settlement), select “Select address from map.”

** You may either move the red pin to a more precise position on the map or select “use my location.” When you’re sure you’ve discovered your address, click “Select location.”

A confirmation message with the specified address will display. If it is right, click “Continue” followed by “Submit.”

NB: Only use “Use My Location” if you are applying from your home or workplace.

7. Will my child be accepted if I apply using my work address?

  • Home addresses inside the school feeder zone and nearest to the school are given priority for placement.
  • If your home address is not in the school feeder zone, you may receive an offer only if the school has space available after placing all candidates in the home address and prior school siblings.
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