Nit Short Courses Programmes & Fee Structure 2022/2023

National Institute of Transport Nit Short Courses Programmes & Fee Structure

Nit Short Courses Programmes & nit short courses fee structure

A short course is a learning program that provides training that combines content or specific skills in a short period of time. Short courses often lean towards the more practical aspects of things and have less theory than full fledge university course. This will give you more hands-on experience in your area of interest. Depending on the institution, the method and content offered in the short course may vary, but it usually takes 1-12 months to complete.

Nit Short Courses Programmes & nit short courses fee structure
Nit Short Courses Programmes & nit short courses fee structure

On this Article we’ll cover two major items which are nit short courses and nit short courses fee structure. In case your looking for other Higher education institutions in Tanzania that offering job oriented Professional short courses you can find our list of the best collage on our previous article titled >>Professional Short Courses In Tanzania 2021

Nit Short Courses Programmes

. Advanced Driver’s Grade Two (INDUSTRIAL) 4 Weeks
. Advanced Driver’s Grade Two ( VIP) 4 Weeks
. Advanced Driver’s Grade One 4 Weeks
. Public Service Vehicle (Passenger) Driving Course (PSV) 10 Weeks
. Senior Driver’s Course. 6 Weeks
. Driver Instructors Course. 10 Weeks
. Vehicle inspection and appraisal 15 Weeks
. Heavy Goods Vehicle 10 Weeks
. Tyre care and maintenance 1 Weeks
. Fuel Management in Vehicle Operations 1 Weeks
. Transport Officer Seminars 2 Weeks
. Road Traffic Accidents Handling and analysis 1 Weeks
. Road Safety awareness 1 Weeks
. Cargo handling 2 Weeks
. Planned Preventive Maintenance for Motor Vehicles 2 Weeks
. Troubleshooting in vehicle systems 2 Weeks
. Diesel engine Services and Maintenance 2 Weeks
. Defensive Driving 2 Weeks
. Petrol Engine Services and Maintenance 2 Weeks
. Customer care 1 Weeks
. Stores Management 2 Weeks
. Transport costing and transport statistics analysis 2 Weeks
. Forklift operators’ training 5 days
. Vehicle inspection and road safety 24 Weeks

Nit Short Courses Fee Structure

Application of non-refundable fee of Tshs.10,000/= should be done through the instructions provided in the electronic application form found in the Institute website;

Applicants of PSV, HGV, INDUSTRIAL and VIP courses shall pay pre-test fee 20,000/= and should pass PRACTICAL PRE – TEST before applying their respective courses.

Applicants for non-refundable Masters of Business Administration in Logistic and Transport Management application fee of Tshs.30,000/= for Tanzanian applicants and USD 25 for Non – Tanzanian applicants should be paid for the application.

Additional Information or Clarification

You may seek additional information through the following phone numbers and email address:


Fax: +255222443140


  • 255684757774
  • 255762 202 215
  • 255713794870
  • 255782-422199


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