Nhif Packages Tanzania 2022

Nhif Insurance Packages And Price In Tanzania 2022


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nhif packages 2022
nhif packages 2022

About nhif packages 2021

NHIF Tanzania is a social health insurance scheme that was established in 1999 under CAP 395 with the objective to provide accessible healthcare to all Tanzanians.

Getting valid nhif insurance coverage is a great step to Tanzanians toward rest easy knowing that there will be no need to worry about hospital bills if one get sick. For Tanzanians, choosing one of the available NHIF packages that best suits your needs and budget might be the best starting point.

Tanzania’s National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) launched its long awaited treatment packages at the end of November 2019. Although the government is striving to provide affordable healthcare to the nation, here’s we’ll take you through nhif packages 2021 and provide you with details on what nhif insurance packages are currently launched and the budget one need to subscribe for them.

Eligibility For Getting Nhif Insurance Packages

The category of members eligible to benefit from Nhif health insurance scheme include;

  • Public employees
  • Private or self-employed individuals
  • Peasants in Cooperative societies (Ushirika Afya)
  • Bunge Scheme for Members of Parliament
  • Students
  • Children under 18 years (TOTO Afya)
  • Private sector employees such as Private Companies, Associations, and NGOs
  • Retired NHIF members
  • Councillors
  • Religious leaders such as clergies
  • Members of Zanzibar House of Representatives

Nhif Packages Price 2022

nhif packages and prices
nhif packages and prices

How To Join Nhif Packages

  • nhif member is required to complete a registration form which is available at the nhif offices nationwide or through the nhif website www.nhif.or.tz
  • The nhif member must have a national identification number
  • The member will be given a payment number (control number) which he will use to make payments through banks or mobile networks.
  • The nhif member will make all payments in lump sum or in installments through a special banking system
  • The member will have to have a single color photograph of the passport size size
  • The member registering the partner will be required to attach one color photograph of the partner, a copy of the marriage certificate as well as the National ID number.
  • The member registering the child as a dependent will be required to attach a photo of the child and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. A birth certificate can be submitted as an alternative to a birth certificate if the child is less than 6 months old.

Which Services Are covered In Nhif packages

NHIF has attractive services that it offers to beneficiaries through accredited health facilities across the country.These services are provided to the beneficiaries in accordance with the standard treatment guidelines issued by the regulations of the fund together with the Ministry of Health. Services include Consultations, Investigations, Eye and optical services, Medicines and medical supplies ,Spectacles, Surgical services, Inpatient care services including ICU and HDU, Retirees health benefits, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, Medical or orthopaedic appliances, Dental and oral health services and more as shown below

nhif insurance packages
nhif insurance packages Coverage

Nhif Packages Tanzania 2021
Nhif Packages Tanzania 2022

To join, download and fill out the NHIF Tanzania forms given below before submission at any NHIF office for approval.

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