Mshwari Interest Rate 2021

Mshwari Interest Rate

M-Shwari is a suite of banking products that are offered to M-PESA customers via their mobile devices. This service is created in partnership with M-Pesa and the NCBA . With M-Shwari, one can access convenient, reliable and cost-effective deposit and loan products for making small savings and taking micro loans.

Mshwari Interest Rate 2021
Mshwari Interest Rate 2021

M-Shwari lock savings account allows M-Pesa customers to set aside some funds for a specific purpose within a specified period of time. This account is ideal for clients who are looking for high interest rates and those who want to keep their money safe for a period of one to six months. Funds are kept in the account until maturity. This article will cover Mshwari Interest Rate 2021 only but incase your looking for other details you can read our previous >> Learn All About Mshwari Loan From This Article

How Is Mshwari interest calculated

Interest is earned daily but paid on the due date(maturity date) specified by the customer. However, if the customer wishes to access the reserved funds before the due date, the interest rate is the M-Shwari interest rate.

Mshwari Interest Rate 2021

M-Shwari lock interest is earned daily and paid out monthly

Customer Savings Amount Lock Savings INTEREST RATE
KSHS 1-20000 3% P.A
KSHS 20001-50,000 5% P.A
>KSHS 50,001 6% P.A

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