Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

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Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date: Everything You To Know

Marvel dropped another massive bombshell on comic fans and TV addicts this week when they released the premiere date for the fourth episode of their new Moon Knight series. The series, which stars  American actor Oscar Isaac in the title role, has already drawn rave reviews for its dark and gritty portrayal.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Moments

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

Episode 3 Recap | Spoiler Alerts

Last week’s episode of Moon Knight answered a few questions — or at least provided some answers in its own Moon Knight way. We saw where Marc Spector stores all of his mercenary gear so it doesn’t clutter up Steven Grant’s flat. We also met Marc’s estranged wife Layla, and she got to meet Steven. And on top of all that, we saw a new iteration of the Moon Knight persona. Every cult leader seems to love a sharp-dressed vigilante! In this week’s episode, the adventure widens to include a trip to Cairo Egypt.

When will Moon Knight Episode 4 come out on Disney+?

If you are currently looking for the Episode 4 of Moon knight then you are not alone, we all tried to but Marvel has announced that the Moon Knight Episode 4 will premiere on Wednesday, April 20.

Other Episode Releases Info

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Instead of dropping the complete season at once Marvel decided to air the Moon Knight one episode per week for the first five weeks. The complete series premiere schedule is as shown below

  • Episode 1: Available Now On Disney+
  • Episode 2: Available Now On Disney+
  • Episode 3: Available Now On Disney+
  • Episode 4: April 20, 2022
  • Episode 5: April 27, 2022
  • Episode 6: May 4, 2022

How To Get Disney+ Plan

Disney Plus is a streaming service created by Disney. It offers tons of great original content, as well as a library of older Disney movies and shows. If you want to watch Disney Plus, you have a few different options. You can buy a subscription directly from Disney, or if you have an existing cable or satellite subscription, you can add Disney Plus to your existing plan.

Disney+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. Unfortunately, the service no longer offers a free trial. So if you want to watch Moon Knight episodes as soon as aired you must pay for any of the ubscription.

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