Marian boys Secondary School Fees And Application Form

Marian boys Secondary School Fees And Application Form, Marian boys Secondary School Fees application form: Marian Boys Secondary is an independent secondary school in Tanzania with both O-level and Advanced Level students. This school is located in Kerege Ward, Bagamoyo District of Pwani Region. There are no girls at this institution; it is only for boys. The registration number for this institution is S4200 but the NECTA exam centre number for Marian Boys Secondary (S4213)

Marian boys Secondary School Fees And Application Form

Marian Boys Secondary School began full functioning in 2009. It is located under a HOLY GOST FATHERS. The school provides a high-quality education. It is a Catholic school that welcomes boys of all religious beliefs. It is not thought to be a mixed school or a day school. All students must attend boarding school and follow its rules. The school is in the Bagamoyo District of the Coastal Region.

Marian boys’ Secondary School Fees And Application Form
Marian boys Secondary School Fees And Application Form

Marian Boys and Marian Girls were established under the direction and supervision of the Holy Ghost Fathers’ founder, Fr. Valentine Bayo CSSp. The necessity for building a girls’ school was motivated by the need to provide quality education to girls, particularly those living in the coastal area, who had long been ignored.

School Details In Summary

Country: Tanzania. Reg number: S.4200.
Region: Pwani. Ownership:  Non-Government.
District: Bagamoyo. NECTA Exam Centre no:S4213
Ward: Kerege. Category: Boys School Only.
School name: Marian Boys Secondary School Latitude: -6.587491.
Ownership: Non-Government. Longitude: 39.047853.

Marian boys Secondary School Fees Fees

Marian boys Secondary School Fees is one of the best schools in Tanzania and of course among the most expensive .In order for a parent to be able to educate his child in this school, he needs to pay millions of Tanzanian shillings annually. The fee for this school is estimated to be more than 2 million per year. If you need to know the exact and accurate school fee for Miriam Boys, please call the school management using the contact details listed below or visit the school offices in Bagamoyo.

Marian boys Secondary School Fees application form

If you looking forward applying for Marian boys secondary school then you must fill the application form. Application form is a form that a student must complete in order to apply for a position at school. To get application form please visit the school office or call them using the contact details that will be provided below this section.

Marian boys secondary school Sample application form

Marian boys secondary school
Marian boys secondary school application form

Marian boys Secondary School Fees Contacts

Mr. Ihonde Joseph

  • MKUU WA SHULE: (0789 239 803 / 0765 012 298 / 0789 689 506)
  • Mapokezi – Stella Maris Hotel – +255 23 2440249 / +255 23 2440341
  • Other Contact 0232440118 [Girls] 0787239803 [Boys] 0768912028 / 0232440428 [Primary]
  • Email:

Subjects Offered At Marian Boys Sec

Sn Ordinary Level Subjects Advanced Level Subjects
1 Civics General Studies
2 History History
3 Geography Geography
4 Bible Knowledge English Language
5 Kiswahili Physics
6 English Language Chemistry
7 Physics Biology
8 Chemistry Basic Applied Mathematics
9 Biology Advanced Mathematics
10 Basic Mathematics Economics
11 Commerce
12 Book-Keeping

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