Makongo Secondary School Fees, Combination, Joining Instruction & Results

Makongo Secondary School fees, makongo high school joining instruction, makongo high school combination, makongo juu secondary school & makongo high school results: The School is Co- education which follows Tanzania Curriculum. It aims to:- (i) Produce physically and mentally able citizens for Maximum Participation and optical production in the nation development process and (ii) Create conducive learning environment.

Makongo Secondary School Fees

Makongo school fee is a set amount of money that parents pay to schools in order to improve the quality of education for their children. Registration, administrative, and other expenses may not be included in school fees.  The school fee for makongo secondary tend to fluctuate from time to time, for this reason we highly recommend for parents to call the school administrative or visit the school personally to get the accurate number. But this is one among the school with low fess approximated from 500,000 t0 1,000,000 Tsh.

Makongo Secondary School Fees, Combination, Joining Instruction & Results

Makongo Secondary School Fees, Combination, Joining Instruction & Results

The esteemed, highly ranked Makongo High School stands above many other public schools in Dar Es Salaam. Like all Tanzanian schools, applying here requires registering through the website – but visiting the school in person with your child is highly recommended to make the whole registration process easy and faster.

Makongo is a secondary school in Dar es salaam Tanzania registered for students to sit for ordinary level and Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) with center number: S0731. Makongo High school accepts students from all throughout Tanzania who have completed their Ordinary Level courses at various schools. This sholl offere different subjects from different sector including arts, science and business.

Subjects Offered At Makongo Secondary School | Makongo High School Combination

At the ordinary level classes means Form one to form four, Makongo secondary offers the following subjects to their students.

Code Subject Name
011 Civics
012 History
013 Geography
021 Kiswahili
022 English Language
023 French Language
031 Physics
032 Chemistry
033 Biology
036 Information & Computer Studies
041 Basic Mathematics
061 Commerce
062 Book-Keeping

Advanced Level Subjects Offered At Makongo High School

Code Subject Name
111 General Studies
112 History
113 Geography
121 Kiswahili
122 English Language
131 Physics
132 Chemistry
133 Biology
141 Basic Applied Mathematics
142 Advanced Mathematics
151 Economics
152 Commerce
153 Accountancy

Get To Know Mkongo School Life

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