Makerere university Mubs online registration

Mubs online registration

Makerere university online registration: Mubs online registration: Makerere University Business School online registration guide.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can start your education career at Makerere University Business School. We’ll show you how to successfully complete registration online.

Makerere University Business School online registration

Makerere university Mubs online registrationWhat are the registration requirements?

Before you can start your online application at Makerere University Business School you must ensure you have the following requirement in a place

  1. Original Admission Letter
  2. Original Birth Certificate
  3. An identity card from the previous O’ Level and “A” Level Schools. Certificate/Diploma/Degree holders must produce identity cards from their previous Colleges/Institutions/Universities. Identity cards from employers are not accepted for registration purposes.
  4. Original O-Level Certificate/Pass slip (UCE or Equivalent)
  5. Original A-Level Certificate/ Pass slip (UACE or Equivalent)
  6. Original Certificate/Transcript of Degree/Diploma/Certificate/Mature Age entry Scheme (where applicable).
  7. Medical Examination form from the School Health Centre.
  8. Evidence of payment of 20,000/= for National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).
  9. Attach copies of pay-in receipts/Deposit slip acknowledging payment of Tuition fees, Registration fees, Examination fees, Medical fee (Treatment), Library fees, Development fees, Research fee, Identity Card, Medical Examination, Guild fee, Rules and Caution, Academic Gown, and Computer fees (as indicated on the statement of fees from the Bursar’s office).
  10. Two (2) photocopies each of the “O” and ‘A’ Level Results Slips/Certificates, and certified Transcripts/Certificates from the awarding institutions in case of Degree/Diploma/Certificate holders.
  11. Two (2) photocopies of MUBS Online registration printout (attached is procedure).
  12. Two (2) copies of the financial statement acknowledging payment of the tuition and functional fees referred to in (ix) above.
  13. Two (2) recent passport size photographs showing the current likeness (head to shoulder).
  14. Two copies of filled-in registration forms and registration printouts (printed from the education information system).

How Can I register online at Makerere university?

Mubs online registration Guide To be able to register online, follow the below guide:

Step 1

To access the system, log to

Step 2

Go to Registered Students then enter your registration number, and click the login button.

Step 3

Click on the Registration tab on the displayed menu on the left.

Step 4

Go to the table below the following statement “To be able to register, please choose among the provided values for registration below” Then click on 2014/2015 AY, or click on Register

Step 5

Click on the ‘Select the Progress” button and select Normal You will see a list of the courses being done for semester two on the left side box

Step 6

Select the subject(s) to be done then click on the right arrow button, or select the subjects (e.g. Business Law) by blocking/highlighting them and drag them to the right side box. In case you have selected a subject you do not want to register for and its on the right side box, select the subject and click the left arrow button to take it back to the left side box.

Step 7

Click on the Save button (this is a must to complete registration; courses will appear in a blue colour once saved and can not be removed thereafter). Only those who would have paid 60% of tuition and 100% of functional fees would be able to register online.

Step 8

Click on View Registration Details on the menu on the left side. (You will be able to view the list of courses/subjects registered for)

Step 9

To print the Registration Printout, Click on the Preview button (at the bottom left) then click the Print button (top right). Close page by clicking on X (close) next to the Print button.

Step 10

To print the Financial Statements, Click on View Financial Statement on the menu on the left side. Next click on the Preview button (at the bottom left) then click the Print button (top right). Mubs online registration Guide

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