Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa Tanzania 2022

Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa Tanzania

Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa Tanzania 2021; Ada za Kutoa pesa Halopesa; Makato ya kutolea halopesa; Makato Ya Halopesa

Halopesa Tanzania is a mobile money transfer service offered by Halotel that allows a subscriber with a mobile phone to send and receive money quickly, securely, affordable and comfortably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can now send and receive money quickly, securely and in the comfort of their homes at affordable transaction rates, 100% hustle-free use of Halopesa and most importantly it is a widespread, easy to use and secure network.

Here we will take you through Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa Tanzania and all the information you may need to know to take full advantage of Halotel’s financial services.

What Can Halopesa Be Used For?

HaloPesa is primarily designed to serve Halotel subscribers and enable them to send money safely and quickly to other Halotel customers and network subscribers, but customers can also withdraw funds deposited into their accounts at a very reasonable cost. Below are the services provided by Halotel Mobile Money Service

  • Buy airtime and bundles
  • Send and receive money
  • Cash-out money from agents
  • Bank transactions E.g NMB Bank, CRDB Bank, STANBIC Bank, TBP Bank, ACCESS Bank, AMANA Bank, etc
  • HaloPesa Visa on mobile
  • Halo Yako
  • International Remittance

How To Use Halopesa?

To use Halotel money services is quite easy. You just need to follow a series of simple steps and instructions. Different services can be done with different procedures but all on the same menu no need to memories many ussd codes to access various services;

All magic happens simply by Dial *150*88#.

Makato Ya Halopesa
Makato Ya Halopesa

To access any service, you will need to select the service you need and simply follow the on-screen guide by selecting the number from which the service you want is located.

ADA ZA WATEJA/ Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa 2021

Halotel is one among the mobile network provider with very affordable prices. Below is the Halotel Mobile Money service customer tariff (makato ya halopesa).

  • Cash In (Kuweka Pesa) – Free
  • Change Pin – Free
  • Check Balance – 50Tsh
  • Mini Startment – 50Tsh

Makato Ya Halopesa


Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa Tanzania
Makato Mapya Ya Halopesa Tanzania

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