Gharama Za Kutoa Pesa Kwa CRDB Wakala 2022

Gharama Za Kutoa Pesa Kwa CRDB Wakala 2022 | Makato ya crdb wakala 2022

CRDB Wakala are banking agents authorized and trained to provide financial services on behalf of CRDB Bank in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the Central Bank of Tanzania.

The CRDB Wakala is a CRDB Bank agent under the subunit/department of a small client. As the first bank to establish an agency in Tanzania, which became known as the “Pride Services Agency” in 2013, it was revolutionary in providing financial services in the country.

CRDB Network Agency enables all Tanzanians who are customers and non-bank customers to access our financial services easily wherever they are.

Gharama Za Kutoa Pesa Kwa CRDB Wakala 2022
CRDB Argent withdraw Charges

Which Services available to CRDB Wakala?

  • Balance inquiries and brief bank statements.
  • Deposit money in any CRDB account without any deductions.
  • Withdraw money from CRDB account using any CRDB card or SimBanking (App or by dialing * 150 * 03 #).
  • Payment for various services such as LUKU bill, water, travel tickets, decks, talk time and more.
  • Payment of School Fees.
  • Credit payments, retirement and social services.
  • Government payments through GePG and TRA payment numbers.
  • Open a new CRDB account instantly.
  • Sign up to get TemboCard

Benefits of CRDB Wakala

  • Save Time: The services of our agents are not queued so it is faster and more reliable
  • Save Costs: We have eliminated the need to travel long distances to access our financial services, now it has become much easier on the streets near human settlements.
  • Extension of banking services: Unlike branches where there is a limited service delivery time, CRDB Agency offers any service at a time.
  • Banking skills knowledge: CRDB Agencies like our ambassadors are involved in imparting knowledge of our services and products to customers.
  • CRDB agents through accepting cash deposits reduce the risk for our customers who wish to place a deposit before traveling.

How Much Does CRDB Charges For Different Transaction Done Via CRDB Wakala?

If you are looking for how much different services are charged when using CRDB agent o perform different banking transaction then this article is for you. Understanding how much is charged for a service is very important especially if we have a limited balance on our account. We all hate charged high when withdrawing money from our account but knowing the charges before making transaction is our only way to decide which banking service to utilize at given condition.  Below are the CRDB Wakala withdraw charges ( Makato ya crdb wakala 2022 )

Gharama Za Kutoa Pesa Kwa CRDB Wakala 2022

Gharama Za Kutoa Pesa Kwa CRDB Wakala 2022
Gharama Za Kutoa Pesa Kwa CRDB Wakala 2022
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