Majina Ya Form Six Waliochaguliwa JKT 2022 | Form Six JKT Selection 2022 Announced

Majina Ya Form Six Waliochaguliwa JKT 2022 | Form Six JKT Selection 2022 pdf

Good News: Form Six JKT Selection 2022 Announced. Here you will find all updates about Form Six JKT Selection 2022 | Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa JKT 2022 Kwa Mujibu Wa Sheria. We will provide you with the link to access Form Six JKT Selection 2022 pdf document and in addition we’ll explain to you some important information of this training.

Majina Ya Form Six Waliochaguliwa JKT 2022 | Form Six JKT Selection 2022 pdf
Majina Ya Form Six Waliochaguliwa JKT 2022 pdf

National Service was formed on July 10, 1963, based on the principles of the late President Julius K Nyerere, who once stated, “National Service is the demand made by the Nation on young, and youth respond in completing their role in creating the Nation.” Form six students have been chosen to participate in JKT 2022.

The names of Form six students chosen for JKT training into various JKT camps are simply listed on the JKT National Service selection list. The National Service normally releases form six JKT selection lists following a random selection procedure.

About JKT Kwa Mujibu Wa Sheria; In Tanzania, Form sic graduates are required by law to attend JKT training setion that take place as soon as the students completed their NECTA form six examination Results. JKT Training Section is primary inroduced with the following objectives

Youth Development

  • Teaching young people to love each other regardless of ideology, religion, income, or ethnicity is a way to teach them.
  • Handicrafts are my passion.
  • Value and develop the traditions, customs, and maintain the culture of the nation.
  • Be confident, committed, patriotic, and patriotic.

National Defense

  • To equip young people with the military skills necessary to be a reserve Army soldier, and to make them eligible for other Defense and Security agencies.
  • Prepare young people for disasters such as fires and floods.

Production Of Assets

In order to make Tanzanian youth avoid the hassle that office work is the only and best way to survive, JKT is responsible for wealth creation with the aim of enabling young people to be self-employed in various sectors immediately after concluding the contract with JKT.

Asset production by JKT includes: -Building and renovating buildings, Industry and Agriculture, Minerals and Energy, Tourism, Security for Private Security Services, Stores (Super Market), Connecting cars to machinery & Educational services

Importance Of JKT Mujibu wa sheria programme

The JKT programme bring number of advantages to both individua and national, first, with JKT Training the military will have a ready and steady trained pool of reservists to defend the country and do HADR (humanitarian assistance and disaster relief) work; second, the training and discipline that they will acquire will make them better citizens; third, service to the country will be inculcated in them

To a single individual there is a lot of advantage you may gain after completing JKT training. This includes –
  • To be physically fit
  • Gaining fresh knowledge
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Gain JKT certificate
  • To be patriotic of your country

Pros Of Compulsory JKT Military Training

  • Compulsory military training helps to form a reserve force which can be of help during the times of war & natural calamities.
  • It also transforms people for good. Military training makes people humble, disciplined and matured.
  • It instils a sense of patriotism.
  • Compulsory military training can also make people stronger physically & emotionally.
  • It promotes equality because people of all classes will be trained in the same manner. This in turn makes people feel united despite having class differences.
  • The threat of terrorist attacks is much higher now than before. So compulsory military training helps in such cases. People can protect themselves and are able to protect those who are in need as well.
  • If anyone want to declare war against Tanzania, they will think twice considering the large pool of reserved forces.

Majina Ya Form Six Waliochaguliwa JKT 2022 Mujibu Wa Sheria | Form Six JKT Selection 2022 pdf

All form six graduate will be allocated to different JKT training camp located in different region. Currently Form Six JKT Selection 2022 pdf is not yet available, however we will share it with you soon as it announced. Below are the JKT training camp in which will be used for the 2022 JKT mujibu wa sheria training.

JKT Rwamkoma Mara See selected name here
JKT Msange Tabora See selected name here
JKT Ruvu Pwani See selected name here
JKT Kibiti Pwani See selected name here
JKT Mpwapwa Dodoma See selected name here
JKT Makutupora Dodoma See selected name here
JKT Mafinga Iringa See selected name here
JKT Mlale Ruvuma See selected name here
JKT Mgambo Tanga See selected name here
JKT Maramba Tanga See selected name here
JKT Makuyuni Arusha See selected name here
JKT Oljoro Arusha See selected name here
JKT Bulombora Kigoma See selected name here
JKT Kanembwa Kigoma See selected name here
JKT Mtabila Kigoma See selected name here
JKT Itaka Songwe See selected name here
JKT Luwa Rukwa See selected name here
JKT Milundikwa Rukwa See selected name here
JKT Nachingwea Lindi See selected name here

Previous Form Six Selected for JKT Training

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NOTE: The author of this post is not opposed to these programs, and I was one of the students that went through them. Apart from the numerous benefits that JKT Training provides, it also has certain drawbacks, as seen below.

  • People get hurt during these Training and some get permanent injury and end up being cripple thus loose their dream. Hurting or injuring other people is against to the moral values and religious beliefs of some people. Involving them in such programs causes emotional trauma for them.
  • Some people lack the strength to participate in such intense exercise. They may appear normal on the outside, yet they may be suffering from mental problems. Military training may be both emotionally and physically challenging for them. Compulsory training will endanger their lives in such circumstances.
  • The majority of the reserve force will not be used, resulting in massive training expenditures to go in vain.
  • Even if everyone is trained, they may not be able to participate in military activities in the same way that experts do. Because of a lack of practice, they may forget their abilities over time. This results in low quality reserve force.
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