Mabadiliko ya Baraza la Mawaziri January 2022

Mabadiliko ya Baraza la Mawaziri January 2022

Rais Samia Suluhu Hassan afanya mabadiliko ya baraza la Mawaziri Tanzania. Fatilia Mabadiliko ya Baraza la Mawaziri January 2022. We have brought to you updates on Uteuzi Wa Mawaziri January 2022, Majina ya mawaziri wapya | baraza la mawaziri la samia suluhu

Mabadiliko ya Baraza la Mawaziri January 2022
Mabadiliko ya Baraza la Mawaziri January 2022

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan gave the closest hint on Tuesday that she will soon undergo a cabinet reshuffle.

Speaking at the launch of the “Report on Development Expenditure for National Welfare and the Fight against Covid-19” President Samia, who seemed dissatisfied with the criticism of the country’s debt, called on those who oppose the country’s borrowing and development plan to cease. before breaking the whip.

She linked her criticisms to the “2025 election fever politics” and said she would focus on development Mtters rather than the early presidential elections campaigns.

“I have been in office for eight months now. I said I was learning you and you too were learning me and how I have been performing,” President Samia said at State House Dar es Salaam.

“The day I last carried out a reshuffle of ministers, I just made a few changes. But I want to inform you that I will soon release a new list.”

And today Saturday January 8 2022, President Samia Suluhu made a cabinet reshuffle that some have labeled as the President’s list of new loyalists.

Mabadiliko ya Baraza la Mawaziri January 2022 | Uteuzi Wa Mawaziri mawaziri wapya

The most notable absentees of the new Cabinet remodeling are William Lukvi, Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlements, Minister of Industry and Trade Kitilla Mukumbo, and Paramagamba Kabudi, Minister of Constitution and Justice.

It also excludes Jeffrey Mwanbe, Who was the Minister of Investment.

Nape Nauye who was a Former CCM publicity Secretary bounce back to the cabinet in the ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts

Hussein Bashe now becomes minister of Agriculture with Anthony Mavunde as his deputy.

Prof. Adolf Mkenda named as minister of education , Science and Technology.

Ridhiwan Kikwete appointed as Deputy Minister of Land, Housing and Human settlements.

Former Tanzania’s High Commissioner to Kenya Pindi Chana who now appointed as minister of State Prime Minister’s Office

Innocent Bashungwa named as the Minister of State in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) from the Culture, Arts and Sports ministry.

Mohammed Mchengerwa Who was the minister at the President’s Office Good Governance and Public Services from the Prime Minister Office, is currently taking over Bashungwa at the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports.

Prof Joyce Ndalichako becomes the Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister–Policy, Parliament, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled.

Dr. Anjelina Mabula will take over William Lukuvi at the Ministry of Land, Housing and Settlements Development, while Jenister Mhagama has been transferred to President’s Office Good Governance and Public Services.

From Home Affairs Ministry George Simbachawene will now head the Legal and Constitution Affairs ministry.

In the new changes Jumanne Sagini has been appointed as deputy minister of Home Affairs whereas Stephen Kiruswa was named as deputy minister of minerals and Atupele Mwakibete deputy minister Transportation.

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