List Of Commercial Banks In Kenya 2021

Commercial Banks In Kenya 2021

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is the main regulator of the banking sector within the country. The basic classification of banks in Kenya is by ownership. Some banks belong to local individuals/companies while others belong to foreign individuals or organizations.

Another general classification of banks is by nature, i.e. microfinance banks and commercial banks.

List Of Commercial Banks In Kenya 2021
List Of Commercial Banks In Kenya 2021

The Central Bank of Kenya, which governs banks, rates commercial banks based on their assets. Tier 1 banks are large banks with hundreds of billions of dollars in assets and are not likely to collapse financially. They are the largest banks in Kenya.

Level 2 banks are medium sized banks while Level 3 consists of small banks. Kenya has many banks. In 2017, that number reached 42.

How many commercial banks are there in Kenya?

There are currently 28 domestic commercial banks and 14 foreign commercial banks with branches, agencies and other outlets across the country.

List Of Commercial Banks In Kenya 2021

Below is a complete list of licensed commercial banks operating in Kenya in 2021. These banks have proven to have given their best throughout these years.

  1. UBA Kenya Bank Ltd
  2. The Co-operative Bank
  3. Suntra Investment Bank Ltd
  4. Sterling Investment Bank
  5. Standard Investment Bank
  6. Standard Chartered
  7. Prime Bank
  8. Paramount Bank
  9. Oriental Commercial Bank Ltd.
  10. NIC Bank
  11. ABC Bank
  12. National Bank
  13. K-Rep Bank
  14. Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
  15. KCB Bank
  16. Investments & Mortgages Bank Limited – I&M Bank
  17. Imperial Bank Limited
  18. Housing Finance
  19. Guardian Bank Ltd.
  20. Giro Commercial Bank Ltd
  21. Fina Bank
  22. Fidelity Bank
  23. Faida Investment Bank – FIB
  24. Equity Bank
  25. Equatorial Investment Bank
  26. Equatorial Commercial Bank Limited
  27. Dyer & Blair Investment Bank
  28. Dubai Bank Kenya Ltd
  29. Dry Associates Limited
  30. Development Bank Of Kenya Ltd
  31. Co-operative Bank
  32. Consolidated Bank
  33. Commercial Bank of Africa
  34. Citibank N A
  35. Chase Bank
  36. CFC Stanbic Bank Limited
  37. Central Bank of Kenya
  38. Bank Of Baroda (Kenya) Ltd.
  39. Bank of Africa Kenya Ltd
  40. Afrika Investment Bank
  41. African Development Bank Group
  42. African Banking Corporation

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